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Monday, February 19, 2018

Invisible poison “the Kremlin report»

The first salvo of the American political “supergun” for the Russian political elite were single. Promulgated by the Ministry of Finance of the USA “Kremlin report” is a toothless document, cobbled together by the principle of “go there, do not know where to find something, not know what.” How ingenuously admit the drafters of the new “black list”, the hit of a Russian VIP this list does not mean that it will have trouble. Missing does not mean that he had such troubles will not. Nonsense?

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Complete and absolute — but only for the moment. “Teeth” at the “Kremlin report” will definitely grow back. We are talking about a document that destroys the very possibility of dialogue between Russia and the United States. We are talking about a document, which over time can concrete the blockages in our relationship for years to come.

Many of us were students. Many of us, instead of the deadline to submit the teacher self-report, shyly handed him the runaround — “document” with the required number of pages, not having any real value. I hasten to please: the U.S. Treasury also entered the same “d-hacks” that sent “unsubscribe” in the us Congress. Say, you wanted suggestions at the point of introduction of sanctions against close associates of Putin in the Russian elite? Please get! We have worked very hard! First click on the computer press “copy” and copied the entire list of members of the Russian elite. Then — and don’t praise us for our dedication and hard work! — clicked on the computer press “paste”. And all the document is ready! Your job is done, dear congressmen and senators!

Now, I hasten to disappoint: a formal approach of the U.S. Treasury to compile “Kremlin report” still nothing means.

I just read attack on all of America’s political bestseller Michael Wolfe “Fire and fury” about the inner workings of the White house under President trump. She read them and finally convinced: the man in Russia, so many hopes, is not able to conduct any meaningful political line.

Within the Executive branch of the USA is still in chaos. President hates and despises the head of the device. The head of the office of the head of the state hates and despises the President. The Secretary of state also believes the President “an idiot” and has neither the confidence of a trump, nor the sympathy of his subordinates.

Loose and amorphous formation, which from a formal point of view is considered the “trump administration”, just goes with the flow — right to the deadly rapids called “the promulgation of the results of the investigation of bad relationships trump with Russia during its struggle for the post American President”.

In reality all these “unholy nexus” was the fact that during the presidential campaign, trump and his team behaved like a bunch of comically incompetent lovers what they actually are. But in American politics for “accidentally” decided to beat desperately. Trump will receive from Congress the full program. But at the same time American lawmakers will try to in full and received by Russia and its political elite.

And then, “Kremlin report” will cease to be devoid of real content useless scrap of paper. The U.S. Congress, which has already seized the Executive branch the right to shape foreign policy in the Russian direction, uses this cheat sheet for introduction already full of personal sanctions. But it’s the poison that permeated “the Kremlin report.”

But invisible component of this poison that acts now. Relations between Russia and America today is so bad that we need to talk with each other. But who should conduct these conversations from the Russian side, if Washington officially made Moscow the entire apex in the list of “plague”?

The problem here is not even that our politicians may be offended and basically to stop talking with the Americans. The problem is not the emotions, but in a very specific risks — and for our and for our VIPs. Significant episode that characterizes the current social order in Anglo-Saxon countries. Recently, reporters from not seen previously in the yellow journalism of the newspaper “financial times” secretly slipped in known in the circles of the British elite indoor charity dinner. At the end of “the RAID” was found “scary”: some of the guests dirty hitting on the waitresses.

In all other British media immediately raised a wave of “harsh but fair” anger, which has fallen in particular on the head present at the charity dinner the Deputy Minister of education for children and families. No one has accused the unhappy Deputy that he was touched. His resignation vehemently demanded on the grounds that he dined in the company of suspicious people, some of which someone was touched. Even the Deputy Minister criticized the fact that he did not for courageous journalists from the “financial times” of their work: time has not revealed the villainous essence of the event and in time it has not told.

To stay in office politics was only by a miracle. On the “dubious” charity event, I think he’s not coming. So, in the eyes of the American political elite of the Russian elite now turned into the equivalent of this “suspicious” charity dinner. Not coming out to me, if I meet Russian “Kremlin report”? Would you take me by the short hairs and ask: what are you, a law-abiding American citizen, spoke with the Moscow guest? Maybe not really that you law-abiding?

Or, say, the representative of the Moscow elite is not in the officially released parts of “the Kremlin report.” But does this mean that it is not in the secret part of the black list? Not mean. And if so, then I’d rather be on the safe side: I will only communicate with secure aliens! Similarly, the dialogue is sharply narrowed. And the possibility of enemies of the captains of our business to use them against unfair business practices, by contrast, is sharply expanding. Russian-American relations continue to develop in the wrong place. And the worst, unfortunately, is still ahead.

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