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Friday, April 13, 2018

In the Donbas suddenly stopped the war

In the Donbass happened out of the ordinary incident last Sunday on the front no one shot the whole day. When was that last time, could not recall one. But the fact remains. The press center of the ATO stated that “at 18.00 on January 28 no shelling of our strong points is not fixed. Units of the Ukrainian army severely adhere to the Minsk agreements”.

In turn, the Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin even made a separate statement about the reasons for the “relative calm along the line of contact.” According to Baturina, it is connected with the Commission from Kiev, which checks “the facts of large-scale theft,” in the 30th separate mechanized brigade APU and “the failure of just 9 units of armored vehicles” of the 93rd brigade.

Anyway, the current lull is a huge breakthrough. As the situation near Donetsk looks on ordinary days, demonstrate the impersonal and the reports of the OSCE observation mission. For example, the description of one day before the “peaceful” weekend on the small area around a key for all the Donetsk filtering station, the decontamination water for half a million people in Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka: “Camera SMM in the Donetsk filter plant (15 km North of Donetsk) recorded 33 explosion of uncertain origin, 158 shells (98 from West to East, 59 from East to West and 1 from the North-West to South-East) and 11 tracers (all from West to East)”. “West to East” is from the position of the APU, “from the East to the West” is the artillery of the self-proclaimed DND. “Not all angels” — so briefly described the “MK” what is happening at the front, the Deputy head of mission Alexander hug.

The signals in the form of calm or escalation in the cities on both sides of the line of contact in recent time treated with special attention. Care before the New year from the Joint center for control and coordination ceasefire Russian officers, expectations of the imminent outbreak of a hot war. Until the war is mainly in the humanitarian sphere, from the 11th of January in Donetsk, missing Ukrainian mobile communications. The OSCE mission is obviously unable to cope with the function of the facilitator to ensure the safety of maintenance crews near the front lines.

Disabling the mobile connection with Ukraine was discussed Surkov and Walker, this issue was brought to the talks in Minsk. What is happening at this time in Donetsk? People are looking for any options to communicate with relatives on “the other side”. Most often in Donetsk, Makeyevka, Khartsyzsk or were elderly, who are reluctant to leave their original homes, the Internet and all “!!!” with “votespam” for them all Chinese, and speak with their children and grandchildren as it is necessary. In Donetsk there continues to be no roaming charges for any Russian operator, now does not work and the Ukrainian Vodafone, which, by the way, many of the elderly attached credit cards of the Ukrainian “Oschadbank” with pension payments. In addition, can not cope with the sudden influx of new customers and a local operator Ministry of information and communications DNR “Phoenix”. His cards, which usually cost 120 rubles, now is not to find and 1000. And the network often lies from the sharply increased workload.

Where still working Vodafone knows the whole city and taxi drivers can be delivered. In the Petrovsky district of Donetsk (adjacent to the front line, just opposite the position of the 30th mechanized brigade APU) is a bridge over the railway, where finishes the signal from the towers to the “other side.” On the bridge, now crowded all day, the Pitmen come not only to talk on the phone, but to activate via SMS on a smartphone “App” to receive notification from the Bank about retirement…

“MK” on condition of anonymity, managed to talk non-standard for these places to talk to — an Orthodox priest of one of the temples of Donetsk. “Life goes on, — says the priest. On Sunday the Church is full. The conversations of parishioners all around the war and lack of communication. People help each other as they can. Of the new developments yesterday came my grandmother, asked for a blessing on a trip over the line of contact, for a pension. Every journey now, in the cold and through fire — the big test! And now all of our lives — it is also a test.”

The talks in Minsk. Chronicle of events

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