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Monday, February 19, 2018

In Egypt, discovered a perfectly preserved giant dinosaur

In the oasis of Dakhla in the North of Egypt was discovered the remains of a dinosaur previously unknown species. This is the most complete skeleton of a vertebrate on land the period of the upper Cretaceous (94-66 million years ago) ever found in Africa. Ancient lizard belongs to the titanosaurs — he was a herbivore and the size was comparable to modern elephants.

photo: latimes.com

Experts have named a new species Mansourasaurus shahinae. in honor of Mansoura University they represent. It is assumed that manssouri lived 75 million years ago adults weighed about five and a half tons, and at length reached ten meters. They moved on four legs, had a long neck and tail. One of the features of the new species was cutaneous ossification, carrying out protective function.

Experts say that the remains found significantly better idea of exactly how the process of evolution of the dinosaurs — in particular, they are evidence of the assumptions that the ancient dinosaurs migrated between Eurasia and Africa after about 175 million years ago the supercontinent Pangaea split.

New species of dinosaurs appeared in an article in the scientific journal Nature Ecology and Evolution.

Recently, a group of Russian scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tomsk found the remains of another giant lizard, called “cyberotica”, as has been found in Siberia and refers to titanosauriform. Sebastiani on the size of managarov greatly outnumbered — they can reach a length of 35-40 meters and weigh up to 100 tons. And in December in the Gobi desert, paleontologists have discovered a much smaller dinosaur from the current animal more closely resembles a goose, but had sharp claws and teeth and tail of a VelociRaptor.

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