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Friday, February 16, 2018

Eastern Cougar officially recognized extinct

22 Feb 2018 comes into force document, according to which the Eastern Puma officially excluded from the Federal list of wildlife under threat of extinction. Thus, the species presumably became extinct 70 years ago, is now officially recognized as such.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

In a fairly distant past Cougars, belonging to extinct species, abundantly found in the northeastern U.S. and southeastern Canada, but by the end of the XIX century they are almost gone. Apparently, a key role in their disappearance played man — killing predators, so they do not threaten livestock and not “competed” with humans in the hunting of deer.

In the United States no Eastern Cougars had not seen since 1938, and the Country of the maple leaf — from 1832. In the list of animals under threat of extinction, the Eastern Cougar was made in 1973, that is 35 years old, they may already have disappeared from the face of the Earth. In order to officially recognize the animal is extinct, it took the same amount of time — a proposal was made in 2015, and recently it was accepted.

Another subspecies of Cougar living in American territory — the Florida Panther — is also under threat of extinction. Earlier it was also been recognized by the Wisconsin Puma extinct. However, several other species yet are classified as “least concern”, that is Cougar as a species in the near future, in all likelihood, will not disappear.

History knows cases when the biological species considered extinct, proved to be still existing. This phenomenon even has a name — “the Lazarus effect”, referring to the name of Evangelical character, which, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. For example, in 2016 the group of researchers from the University of California at riverside, managed obnarujit OS, 101 years ago recognized completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. However, something like this is very rare, so expect a similar “revival” of Eastern Cougars would be excessive optimism.

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