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Friday, April 13, 2018

Zika virus attacks the popular resorts: whether to go to Turkey

There’s a new reason to dissuade Russian tourists from visiting the Turkish coast — there began to diagnose cases of mass disease by a virus zika, which is transmitted through mosquito bites.

photo: pixabay.com

The CPS has released a statement with the Council to consider this information when planning trips. And the media began to appear scary headlines about a “deadly virus” that is sweeping the planet.

In fact, however, all is not so sad. The virus is dangerous only for pregnant women, the rest he can scarcely bring any harm.

About the virus, Zeke spoke loudly last year when he appeared in Brazil (I want in fact, it was first identified much earlier — in 1947 in Uganda). After Brazil, the virus has been registered in various parts of the world. By January 2017 the number of countries that have reported cases of infection has reached 76.

However, all cases in Europe and even in Russia — imported. The fact is that in our climatic conditions do not live mosquitoes of the genus Aedes that carry this virus, and another way the disease is transmitted. However, there is a version that it is still possible to catch sexually transmitted, and two such cases in the world already sort of was — but while one is not officially acknowledged this transmission. The world health organization recognized the zika virus global threat in February 2016. Vaccines and drugs against the virus, Zeke is still there.

As noted by associate Professor of infectious diseases at the Russian medical Academy of postgraduate education Tatyana Kuzmenko, fever, caused by the zika virus belongs to the group of Dengue fever: “Often it is a benign, often asymptomatic, and if they are, then the person only feels a slight discomfort. The temperature rises, can get a headache, appear conjunctivitis, joint pains, chills, skin rash, nausea. Normal immunity enough weeks to defeat the virus”.

But if the virus infected a pregnant woman, especially in the early stages of pregnancy — it is bad. Because the likelihood of the birth of a child with severe brain damage and Central nervous system are very high. Infection with such virus in the womb often leads to the development of the child’s microcephaly – children have an extremely small skull and small brain size. Another severe consequence is paralysis. In some cases, children are born dead.

– The virus is not so common to cause of the epidemic – continues Tatiana Kuzmenko. – In Moscow there were three imported cases (from Brazil, Dominican Republic) – and they flowed easily enough, did not cause stress. Not to worry. These mosquitoes have not found, in particular, they are not in the Crimea and the Caucasus, and to survive if they can, it is likely, in Azerbaijan (the country where malaria is endemic). So be wary of the epidemic in Russia is clearly not worth it.

Meanwhile, as reported by “Press of Ukraine”, the virus is already spreading in the black sea province of Artvin and the Crimean Peninsula. “The mosquitoes that carry the virus reached Western Thrace and Istanbul and Giresun to the East of the country. Zeke can reach Central Anatolia in five to seven years”, – noted by the Turkish media.

Vector of zika virus have been discovered in the coastal territories of the Turkish provinces of Istanbul, Trabzon and Risi. This was announced by the Ministry of health of Turkey. The CPS predicts that soon the virus will spread to Central Turkey and the Northern coast. And urged Russians “to consider the situation when planning trips”.

More this advice applies to pregnant women – said “MK” known infectious disease physician Nikolai Malyshev. For everyone else this virus is not so terrible or not terrible. I follow the scientific literature — the emergence of such mosquitoes may have our borders on the South Black sea coast near the border with Abkhazia. However, while they are not. But we must remember that mosquitoes carry a lot of other, far more terrible infections. Malaria is very dangerous parasites. So you need to take care of the prevention measures in exotic countries — to use insect repellents, nets on Windows. In the hotels not to open the Windows, unless they are equipped with mosquito nets, use air conditioning. And, of course, in case of indisposition immediately consult a doctor.

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