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Friday, April 13, 2018

The Zeke virus in Turkey: the threatened Russian tourists

In Rospotrebnadzor said that in the coastal areas of a number of Turkish provinces reported the presence of vectors of zika fever. Russian experts refer to the Ministry of health of Turkey and noted that the habitat of mosquitoes can spread to other parts of the country.

photo: todaymiddleware

At the moment carriers are found in the provinces of Artvin, Rize and Trabzon. As reported in the CPS, last year, four citizens living in these areas were infected by the zika fever after a visit to Cuba. The Russian Agency notes that the authorities take measures to curb the spread of mosquitoes, however, are encouraged to consider the situation when planning trips.

The zika virus is almost always transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti, also known as “aegypti biter”. These mosquitoes carry dengue fever, yellow fever and the virus Chikugunya. The disease was first identified in Uganda in 1947. For a long time, it met only in the regions of the Equatorial belt in Africa and Asia, but by 2015, the pathogen reached South America, Central America and the Islands of the Caribbean and then spread to many other countries.

Symptoms of zika fever are, including headaches, pain in the joints and the back, skin rashes, chills and a slight fever. However, as stated, sometimes it does not manifest itself in any way. Although in most cases the virus, Zeke does not represent excessive risk for the carrier, getting it to the pregnant woman’s body sometimes leads to microcephaly (reduced head size) in the fetus. This lead to poor brain development of the baby, as well as significant problems with hearing and vision.

Two years ago, the world health organization declared the virus zika global emergency, which was abolished only in November 2016 . He was almost abolished the Olympic games held in Brazil.

Previously, experts have repeatedly stated that until most parts of Russia the virus almost certainly will not reach. As reported in November the year before, thanks to measures for the protection of the black sea coast of Russia the population of mosquito capable of carrying the fever Zeke managed to reduce to almost zero, and in other regions of the country these insects capable of carrying the fever zika, were not found initially.

Recently, scientists from the University of Washington, has proposed an unusual but potentially effective way of dealing with mosquito bites.

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