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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The presidential election showed that while Finland will not join NATO

Since the morning on Sunday, January 28, throughout Finland opened polling stations, which slowly stretched the citizens to decide which of eight candidates will become President of the country for the next six years. However, many experts current campaign called “boring”: this time, the question of who will be the winner, did not arise – all the opinion polls promised victory Sauli Niinistö, current President of the country. The intrigue was only the second round will be held or not.

photo: Andrew Conflict

On the photo: President of Finland Sauli Niinistö.

But announced Sunday night the results of the counting of votes of the members of the early voting (which is 36 percent of voters) has shown that it will do one tour. The current President gained 62.7 percent. Its nearest rival, the candidate from the party “green” Pekka Haavisto behind it by 50 percent.

– Won’t break the chairs out of joy, possible other surprises! said Sauli Niinistö, when it became known to the first data. But, apparently, it was said, not to jinx it. The President and his opponents are well aware that the gap between the favorite of the elections from the rest of the “magnificent seven” is very high.

Yes no it will not pass, – with undisguised annoyance said the independent candidate Paavo Vayrynen.

But speaking of surprises, surprise can be considered a very good result, which showed the candidate of the party “True Finns” Laura Muhtasari. She, gaining 6.9% of the vote, came in third place. Of course, to marine Le Pen’s far away, but for the party, criticizing immigration policies and czeslawa among its adherents such as the “Alternative for Germany”, it is really an impressive figure. Moreover, the opinion polls promised “bronze” in the elections mentioned above Vayrynen.

Whatever it was, remains the loser to congratulate the winner and talk on the topic “blessing in disguise”.

– Very well that Mr. Niinistö clearly defined policy on NATO, – said the candidate of the social Democrats Tuula Haatainen. She echoed the candidate of the Left Alliance Merja Kyllonen: “it is Important that in the next six years Finland will not join NATO.”

Indeed, it is known that President Niinistö is skeptical about the talks on the accession of Finland to the North Atlantic Alliance.

The day before the vote, January 27, in Finland, which recently celebrated a century of independence, recalled another round date: exactly a century ago the country began a civil war – it lasted compared to our post-revolutionary civil strife not long, a few months, but were no less fierce and bloody. And in the background of this anniversary election, where polling stations Finns expressed their position, is especially symbolic.

The process of will of citizens is little different from our usual. Except that in Finland it doesn’t rattle rousing music at the polling stations, sell cakes and sausage sandwiches. But the festive atmosphere still in the air. Many came to vote with children and household — and then went to sit in a cafe with the whole family.

More than a third of the votes were given to the Finns during early voting. Within four days it was possible to vote in shops, libraries, etc.

On sites you will not see posters with portraits and biographies of the applicants – they are replaced with the numbered list of candidates. Newsletter that the voting booths are filled, the Finnish electorate is different from our usual. The names of the candidates on paper, but there is a large group in which you need to enter the number of that policy, who wish to vote from 2 to 9. Candidate No. 1 on the ballot there – and, as explained by the Finnish colleagues, not because of the desire to avoid benefits for some of the participants in the race. The fact that in past elections the Finns put red pencil slash line against the names of the candidates. Although such long lines are not set, there is concern that this line could be mistakenly put in place of the unit. And then handwritten unity can be confused with, say, seven.

Shortly after was declared the first results of the elections to the House of estates in Helsinki began to arrive all participants of the race, which is hard to circulation numerous media outlets.

The winner looked tired and a huge joy of success did not show. “Excuse me, Russian language is very difficult”, — slowly said something in Russian Niinistö on the question of whether he fulfilled his plan to learn the language of the neighboring country. Speaking about Russia, the Finnish President said that our countries have not the same position on Crimea and Ukraine, but “there are a lot of different things together.”

In General, the President Sauli Niinisto waits for joy, perhaps more than winning the election. In February his wife is about to have a baby.


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