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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Polish Ambassador tactlessly delivered at the Jewish Museum before the arrival of Putin

Russian-Israeli talks took place in the not very usual, but, as emphasized by Vladimir Putin, a deeply symbolic place – the Jewish Museum and the center of tolerantnosti, keeping the memory of the 6 million victims of the Holocaust. The President called unacceptable the attempts to “ride the idea of world domination” and encouraged to do everything possible to “not to allow weeds to germinate nationalist ideology, whatever form it takes”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Before Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the Jewish Museum and tolerance center, the complex was held the ceremony of laying the memorial to the members of the resistance in Nazi camps and ghettos. Memorial stone was brought from the scene of the shootings of Jews in the Smolensk region.

“Sometimes you need to see horror to realize how important it is to build a society on a healthy basis,” – said chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. He lit the first candle in memory of Holocaust victims – including the prisoners of the concentration camp Sobibor, who 75 years ago to organize the only successful rebellion of prisoners. Several candles were lit by representatives of foreign diplomatic missions and the last granddaughter of a Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky, who led the uprising.

Polish Ambassador Wlodzimierz Marciniak decided to take the opportunity to continue the dispute with Israel about the role of Warsaw in the history of the Holocaust. According to him, the poles have always tried to alleviate the plight of the Jews and helped them, than could, despite the fact that they themselves were “occupied people.”

We will remind that on the eve of Israel harshly criticized Poland for the draft law on concentration camps, prohibiting called Nazi “death factory” Polish. In Warsaw believe that the poles all the polls were heroes and did not participate in the crimes against the Jews. The denial of this fact after the adoption of the draft law will be punished including imprisonment. However, the Jews themselves the heroism of poles consider greatly exaggerated. “Many people helped to kill Jews were given to Nazis, mocked them. These are historical facts” – reminiscent of tel Aviv.

The Kremlin has its own claim to Warsaw, which regularly tries to downplay the role of the Soviet people in the victory over Nazism, but also preclude the participation of Russia in major anti-war projects. For example, last year the poles blocked the accession of Moscow to the reconstruction of the Museum complex in Sobibor. Netanyahu, being on a visit in Sochi, promised to intervene. “But the situation since then has not changed”, – complain in the Kremlin.

U.S. Ambassador John huntsman has tried to reduce the tension, dangling in the air after a speech by the Polish colleagues. According to the diplomat, the venue of the ceremony reminds how important it is to promote tolerance in society regardless of who they are talking about Jews, sexual minorities, handicapped people or people of other religions.

“Our common duty is to fight discrimination and anti-Semitism, to fight for the rights and honor of all people,” he said. Journalists, of course, could not help but ask Huntsman about “Kremlin report”, the publication of which is expected in the night from 29 to 30 January. As arguments about tolerance combined with the desire to put pressure on Russia for dissent?

“No need to dramatize! This is the implementation of the law passed six months ago, nothing new. Moscow and Washington need to move forward, not looking back!”- commented the Ambassador. He acknowledged that the 2017-th year for Russian-American relations was the most difficult, worse than even hard to imagine. So, 2018 will surely be better. However, the recent optimistic forecasts of representatives of the United States, alas, do not have the habit to come true.

Unlike diplomats, Putin and Netanyahu enough to briefly familiarized with the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Sobibor uprising, and examined previously set a memorial stone. Both leaders were in a hurry to negotiate that organized immediately, in one of the rooms of the Museum. As Netanyahu said, the main lesson of the entire history of Nazism lies in the fact that this kind of evil needs to stop in time. “It is our task today,” he said. And, although no more comments about the meeting was not followed, it became apparent that the meeting focused on Iran and comes from it the threat of destruction of Israel.

It is no secret that in every visit, Netanyahu asks Putin about about the same: not to allow the Iranian army to gain a foothold in Syria to prevent the transfer of weapons from Tehran to the terrorists of Hezbollah. According to Israeli diplomats, Moscow has also shared the concern of the Iranian nuclear program, but not yet ready to support tel Aviv and Washington, insisting on revising the agreement in 2015. However, it is said: a drop hollows out a stone. Obviously, this is the mission of Benjamin Netanyahu the only world leader, who maintained close relations with Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.

By the way, after talks with Russian President Netanyahu has given the Jews an absolute guarantee: a second Holocaust never will, and all attempts of Iran to destroy Israel are doomed to failure.

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Putin and Netanyahu posteri Museum “Jewish center of tolerance” in Moscow

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