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Friday, April 13, 2018

Sobchak: 72-year-old Putin should be easy to transfer power

The candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak, has given an interview to the biggest Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”, which outlined his political prospects. In particular, Sobchak said it plans to establish a parliamentary party and to stand as a candidate on the next presidential election. Then Putin will be 72 years old, she explained, and he should quietly hand over power and go sunbathing in Sochi.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian politician Ksenia Sobchak, claiming the highest office in the country, in an exclusive interview with Dagens Nyheter called himself a patriot, but not like the Kremlin. According to her, Russia is not associated with Putin, because is a European country with a huge number of citizens, not supporting the policy of the incumbent. “I am a patriot because I’m proud of the Russian language, culture and all those lovely people who live here”, she explained.

Sobchak is not going to lie to their constituents about the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections, its chances aren’t too great. However, she explains, if she will be able to gain a lot of votes, it will be a good stepping stone in order to create his own party, to nominate for the next election six years later and win. “This is absolutely real,” said

In this edition indicates that Sobchak did not give the exact answer to the question will be whether in Russia “real elections”. Sobchak said he did not know the answer to this question, she is hoping for Putin, who, according to her, closely followed by the atmosphere in society and what people think. The presidential candidate explained that after 6 years, Putin will be 72 years old, “if he will be able to move in Sochi and sunbathe there in the sun”, he will do so. “Our most important task is to ensure that Putin peacefully handed over power after the next presidential term,” said Sobchak.

Also the candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation does not see anything wrong in what she participates in elections, which calls “setup”, thereby giving them legitimacy. “Legitimate elections do not I, but the European countries that recognize their results. Legitimate elections are Merkel, trump and other EU leaders, and not some kind of Sobchak” she explained.

Answering the question of why many hate her, she said: “You understand that it is impossible not to hate the woman, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which had everything you could dream of. All the state media as much as possible to vilify me ever since I quit show business and became a freelance journalist. They don’t want people to understand that I had sacrificed my career to telling the truth. It’s called propaganda”, — said Sobchak.

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