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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

People learned to hear under water

Divers, thanks to the technology proposed by the international group of scientists, will be able to hear the people on the surface of the water. The authors of an article recently published in the Physical Review, proposed a solution that will help to improve the conduction of sound tenfold.

Frame from the movie.

It is known that sound waves at the transition from air into water losing a lot of energy. Dense in the hears of those who stayed in the boat or on the shore. The new device is based on the use of pieces of latex that is stretched on an aluminum frame on a special membrane. The design allows a greater percentage of the sound to pass through the boundary of air to water.

Having tested his invention, the developers have ensured that the waves passing through the water to your ear, lost only 6% of the energy while the membrane without the loss amounted to 28% and more. That is, according to them, they managed to bring the level of audibility under water up to the level of a whisper on the land.

Says the employee of deep diving complex GVK-250 Paul SPIRKOV:

The fact that the membrane with specific properties to improve the audibility of sounds under water, no doubt. A little unclear how the developers propose to use a membrane with latex at great depths. If there are special headphones, I would caution that this thing is very dangerous under the water. We had at the time suit “Sadko”. It came with a helmet and a light liner with a foam nakleechek on the inside. They were dangerous in the sense that when people dive, they are under pressure so tightly to your ear that some eager eardrums. We always ripped the foam delayed the liner with your finger, the water flowing to the ear, and the pressure equalized. Besides, I wouldn’t say that fans should definitely talk to the remaining surface. And professionals have the negotiating of the electronic device. Earphone not even attached to the ear, and ear. Remember, the ears when submerged under water must be open.

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