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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How I became a persona non grata in the European Union

Upon arrival in Berlin there were no signs of problems — I was driving at the political concert of the “Left” headed by the lovely Sarah Wagenknecht fierce kritikessa Angela Merkel. I was going to ask Sarah to Russia, where she never was. During passport control, the German guards politely asked what problems I have with Poland, and called the elder. The senior came, greeted him and offered to go to the police station to understand the situation.

photo: pixabay.com

There, after a series of checks and calls, I announced that at the request of Poland, I became persona non grata in the EU for 3 years and the effect of this ban is not national but obshestvenny character. In other words, because of the position of one unknown Polish officer I was limited entry to the territory of all Schengen countries without any explanation, which, of course, restrict my rights as a scientist and a journalist.

Of course, I’m going to sue the Polish government. After returning to Moscow, after a request of the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova to the Polish foreign Ministry, it was announced that I represent as much “a threat to national security of the Republic of Poland”. But why could this happen?

Ten years ago, I visited Poland regularly as a guest on Eastern European economic forum in the mountain resort of Krynica zdrój. There annually in September arranged a meeting of political and economic experts from Europe, Russia and Ukraine to discuss the future horizons of interaction. I must admit, over the years this forum has started to wear more and more biased anti-Russian, and many Russian guests began to refuse invitations to him, I’m one of them.

Then in the fall of 2013, my friends invited me to Warsaw for the presentation of the film, shot by Ukrainian journalists and devoted to the Volyn massacre of 1943, during which the peasant massacre in Western Ukraine killed more than 140 thousand poles. Of course, the tragic episode of Polish history, official Kyiv continuously suppressed, and therefore, it is especially important to talk about it. But, apparently, the new Polish authorities, who came to power in 2015, was much more sympathetic to the Ukrainian nationalists, cut poles, than those who are struggling with them. Thus, they made an expensive gift to their colleagues from the security Service of Ukraine, with whom I have a long-standing grudge from the times of Viktor Yushchenko.

Some of my projects the past 10 years were associated with regular interaction with various European politicians, journalists and experts round-table discussions and forums, media and election campaigns on different occasions.

So, last year, our Foundation of progressive politics, has held several conferences in Italy for the withdrawal from the anti-Russian sanctions, organized an expert observation of the parliamentary elections in Germany, which was attended by famous Russian scientists, helped in organizing the visit of European politicians to Syria and Crimea. In General, doing things that, in theory, should deal with the relevant Russian state institutions receiving government funding.

Obviously, our work is very unnerved many in Europe who do not want the return of Russia on the European field. Including Americans. It is no secret that Poland and the Baltic States have long been used by Washington for its policies in the EU. So the announcement of persona non grata consider recognition and high evaluation of his own work in Europe by the enemies.

Unfortunately, to date, the official institutions of the Russian “soft power” is weak and undeveloped. The activity of Rossotrudnichestvo is pronounced balalaika-a lurid character, and therefore never a threat to the West.

Officials, “without a spark” practiced man-hours in numerous offices of Rossotrudnichestvo worldwide, get 5 thousand dollars a month, and at the same time absolutely do not do anything useful to advance the interests of their country abroad. Well, unless the usefulness of such cultural events as the “international tour of Rodion Gazmanov” or numerous “reports about the conducted exhibitions”, the essence of which — in putting up photos under the glass near the buildings of their offices.

This profanation everywhere — funds “Russian world” and “Gorchakov Fund” too far gone. The latest example — advertised and held for 7 billion state of world festival of youth and students in October last year in Sochi, the essence of which since its inception, the international solidarity of youth under the flags of the struggle for equality and the triumph of the ideas of social justice. And guess what — the organizing Committee of the festival has made an effort to “left spirit” — that is in fact the ideology of fighting for their rights, for which he was once invented this site — not got even close to the festival itself. Of course, empty the contents of the festival was not and could not be replaced by anything else, because left ideologically grounded (mainly) the participants a feeling of emptiness. Separate the devotees from the depths of Rossotrudnichestvo (e.g. in Kiev) are the exception that proves the rule.

Real projects for actual promotion of Russia’s interests abroad are usually made, special envoys to the status of senators or deputies or such enthusiasts with ties, as the author of these lines. The first, as a rule, has long been noticed and has contributed to various sanctions lists (or will do so in the near future), and the second too little. Who then promote the ideas of the Russian world in the West, if relevant officials hands know where to grow?

The only natural allies of Russia in this matter — our ideological supporters in different countries of the world, who most importantly to learn to trust and not to interfere. This is a different kind of political activists, MPs, journalists, experts and graduate students, inspired by Russia and Russian culture. Agents Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky. Believe me, a lot of them. Thus, for example, is arrested on charges of working for “the intelligence of the three countries” (Russia, China, Iran) in 2016, the leader of the opposition of the Polish party “Change” and political scientist Mateusz Piskorski. After nearly two years of arrest, he still has not filed formal charges. Because to blame, in General. But that Piskorski effective as an ally of Russia, no doubt. Otherwise it would have long ago released.

In the language of the capitalist system in which we live, most importantly — the balance of supply and demand. So, the demand for Russia in the world and especially in Europe significantly outweighs supply, which makes today the authorised figures on the gossoderzhanie. Therefore, whether you like it or not, this vacuum will be filled by private, independent initiatives. And believe me, if the same pace to warm up the global demand for Russian hackers and political strategists, “intervening in the election,” they will multiply at breakneck speed — and not today or tomorrow, we find out that in the parliamentary elections in Mexico really work competing groups of Russian engineers.

In fact, this is the “soft power” — the grapevine with its “self-fulfilling prognosis.” Who would we have told stories about authentic American technology “soft power”, it was invented at least 100 years ago and brilliantly implemented even the Bolsheviks called “Comintern”. Remember?

Most importantly, what is missing in modern Russian “soft power”, is the ideological content (which we carry to the world?) and non-state forms of promotion. And if the first question can be simply formalized the ideology of conservative values, so attractive to the European hinterland, on the second question to reinvent the wheel is not necessary. All is already invented to us. As, for example, in Germany, where each party held in Parliament, gets access to the state budget for the promotion of their own programmes in the world, opening the offices of another non-governmental Fund in the next Kiev. But as long as this issue is not dealt with at the highest level, we regularly have to swallow the damage we next offenses on sporting and political contests. Because there is no other way.

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