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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

“Era of mercy” to Bulk: why the oppositionist was released without Protocol

The detention of Alexei Navalny in Tver on 28 January during protests “protest voters” is not over for him the usual weeks of arrest. Employees of the police Department of the district “Yakimanka”, which was brought Navalny to be released without a Protocol and even kindly drove up to the house. In conversation with the correspondent “MK” head of the group monitoring human rights media project “OVD-info” Gregory Durnovo pointed out that with the Bulk of this is the first time in a long time.

photo: a frame from the video

About the events on Tverskaya read the report “the Strike of the voters” was beheaded»

Recall that last year, during the protests on 7 October, Navalny was already under arrest. He was detained on 29 September, when an opposition politician was going to go to Nizhniy Novgorod to participate in the rally. Later, Navalny was released to the court, but on 2 October the court decided to arrest him for 20 days for “repeated calls to unauthorized protests.” October 6, the Moscow city court upheld the policy under arrest, to which he was sentenced Simonovsky court.

Earlier, on 12 June, Navalny was also detained. Simonovsky district court of Moscow has accused him of repeated violation of the order of organizing a mass event (part 8 of article 20.2) and arrested for 30 days.

And for organizing an unsanctioned rally in the capital on 26 March, the Tver court of Moscow has sent the opposition Navalny under arrest for 15 days, finding him guilty of disobeying law enforcement officers. The second administrative Protocol on violation of rules of holding mass actions of the opposition leader was fined 20 thousand rubles.

Why this time it has managed even without a Protocol?

Vladimir Yurasov, managing partner of the Moscow bar Association “Yurasov, Larin and partners»:

In accordance with the Administrative code, the police are entitled to stop illegal actions and thus be limited to rendering the offender a verbal warning. Perhaps in this case it was, although the details are unknown to me. Despite the fact that in the situation of the Bulk we are dealing with a kind of relapse, I do not see in the actions of law enforcement violations. Their task is not only to punish but also to conduct preventive conversations when possible, and it cannot be seen as inaction.

Alexei Makarkin, a leading expert of the Center for political technologies:

– I think the softness of the authorities towards the Bulk associated with the presidential election. Power to the Bulk rather careful attitude. When he was sentenced to an actual term of imprisonment on the case of “Kirovles” on the streets of demonstrators. Similar experiments continue not want, it’s pretty risky.

Bulk limit, his brother is in prison, but, apparently, it is believed that the Bulk of the better to keep free, better – for stability. Of course, he takes to the streets of his supporters, but they are not configured so radically as would be configured in that case, if their leader was behind bars. When it comes to elections, I want to see the situation in the country was calm. Besides, the last action Bulk it’s less people than last year. Then the main motive was to fight corruption, now emotion considerably less.

In addition, Navalny himself is not the absolute leader of the opposition, in the camp where there is a serious competition, on a personal level as well as “competition projects”. Opposition-minded citizens determined, however, to vote for Sobchak, for Yavlinsky, to boycott the elections, as called Bulk, or to come to them and pick up a ballot.

In short, there are many options, and offer Bulk option of a boycott is just one of them, and the rating of Navalny little different from Ksenia Sobchak. If Navalny was treated more severely, and condemned him even to administrative deadline, it would have added attention and sympathy for him.

– Let us try to “simulate” this situation: on 19 March, the election winner is Vladimir Putin, and Alexei Navalny again brings supporters at an unsanctioned rally. Show him the softness again?

I don’t know how many supporters he would take. For the mass exit of citizens on the street need a good reason. In 2011 it was election fraud. Those who falsified the election results, did not realize that we have the Internet where you can publish the facts of violations.

The second reason for the protests in 2011 – “delayed reaction” to the reshuffle that was announced on the return to the presidency of Putin. Some hoped for a second term Medvedev, that policies will be more liberal, changes in relations with the West. When this did not happen, when it became clear that the policy will be different, they took to the streets.

Today, these factors do not exist. It is clear that the victory of Vladimir Putin does not need falsification, in General, the campaign is honest, and thus, the elections will be peaceful. We see that the CEC is neat that he is struggling with the administrative aspects. I don’t see much “stimuli”.

In addition, from the very beginning it is clear who will win the elections, this all ready. Dissatisfied and develop your own “technology adaptation” to the fourth term of Putin, someone leaves the country, someone goes into “internal emigration”. But to go to protest actions, these people do not see the point.


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