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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“The strike of the voters” cut off the head immediately: Navalny detained, participants did not take

28 Jan in dozens of Russian cities held protests, organized by Alexei Navalny. A few days earlier at a hearing of the European court of human rights in Strasbourg Navalny compared himself with Nelson Mandela, adding for the sake of objectivity, that his “political life in Moscow much easier.” And the head of a staff of Navalny Leonid Volkov, announcing the forthcoming action, said: “We must be the Serpent dragon head cut off, and the wings grow back”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Even hindering the movement of the protesters were released immediately, without a Protocol.

So who is more like Bulk-politician, Nelson Mandela or the dragon? In search of an answer to this question the correspondent “MK” was visited Sunday oppositionist in Moscow, whose purpose was to convince the citizens to boycott the elections on 18 March, since without the participation of Navalny’s election will turn into a farce.

Alas, to see the Bulk failed. Shortly before the beginning of the action he went straight to the Skype airwaves and said that near his home on duty police, but for him it is not a threat because he doesn’t broadcast from home. The opposition even called the exact address of your location, as it turned out, it was at this location was a Moscow resident Vladimir Putin.

Bulk delay later in the center of Moscow. I didn’t see it, but when later I watched the video, then imbued some respect for the rebel: he to the rescue rushed a few companions, however, the organizer of the rally told them not to interfere and humbly gave herself into the hands of the police.

By the way, in Strasbourg, which was mentioned above, Bulk lay in wait for failure — the chamber of 7 judges of the ECHR found no political motivation in the prohibitions of his public actions in Russia, which, according to the opposition, due to the influence of European judges on Russian propaganda. He stressed that he faces persecution by the Russian authorities, because Putin is “afraid” of him as a political opponent.

But let us return to Moscow. I arrived at the square an hour before the announced the Bulk of the action in which his supporters were called to gather at any point of Tverskaya street from Manege to Mayakovskaya, they recommend “don’t just stand there, and go counter-clockwise on Tverskaya from any place to any place”.

At the monument to the poet was standing several dozen Navalny supporters and the police. After that I went down on Tverskaya to Okhotny Ryad, where it was securely blocked in case of attempt of break of demonstrators in Red square.

Watch the video on:
“Muscovites took to the inconsistent “voters strike” Bulk: Tver crowded»

On the way back at the square I saw my first racy demonstrators — a middle-aged man with the Russian flag and in short, in spite of the weather, sports pants. His face and clothes were covered anti-Putin slogans, the man marched briskly towards Okhotny Ryad.

After 14.00, the square began to come people, the total number of my fellow photographer praised a thousand and a half people.

The people were not silent. The large young man with rosy cheeks, holding a sheet of notebook with pen-and-ink the slogan “Shame on the KGB junta”, explained to others that he is not crazy, but a normal person. At some point a normal person is so excited that he began to jump, the jumps accompanying shouts of “Who does not jump is Putin!”and then came the squeal.

Closer to the monument, a group of young guys into a megaphone and “live” chanted the famous slogan “a Fourth term — a prison!”and the rhyme “one, two, three — Putin, go away”. The police through a megaphone asked the protesters to maintain order and not to interfere with the passage of citizens, but no one was arrested and did not disperse.

Having been on the square for more than an hour, I again moved down Tverskaya. Down the street came a column of armed posters young supporters of Navalny, but to Okhotny Ryad, they have not reached, cross the street through the underpass and headed again toward the square. Obviously, they were following orders to move “counterclockwise”.

See photo essay on the topic:

Gave flowers to the police: “voters strike” detained only Bulk

55 photos

But on the turn to moss for a big party protesters why they went right, towards the library. Lenin’s. Near the Arena, they made a trip to the opposite side of the street, where they were stopped by line of police. There were 300 people, they vigorously shouted the same slogans and rushed to the roadway, which was an endless stream of cars. Policemen together with employees of traffic police professionally pulled young people from the wheels of the cars and pushed back into the crowd of supporters at the corner of the Arena. They were asked not to impede traffic, but the forces were unequal, and the protesters stopped traffic on Mokhovaya street. None of this is in a paddy wagon, put, anyway, for me, although in the paddy deficit is clearly not observed.

When the column drew level with the entrance to the metro station “Biblioteka imeni Lenina”, it was more modest. The show was pretty boring — adopted last summer, the tactic of the police not to detain anyone, except the leader of the protest, was applied in this day.

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