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Monday, February 19, 2018

Deputy Milonov and the world of animals

Notorious Milonov, known geebies all Russia, once again with impunity insulted the citizens of the Russian Federation, formally protected, it should be noted, by law. And for him it did not exist, although the Deputy of the state Duma insulted, cursed, demanded punishment, and publicly called them “creatures” and “gomozigotnye” people who only immaculately kept Holy norms of the Russian legislation.

Now the question to the leadership GD: were you afraid one day himself to be possessed victims, whom you nourish and cherish for… by the Way, and for what?

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Now, in order. Law-abiding citizens Stocco Paul and Eugene Wojciechowski, following the norms of Russian laws, requiring mandatory notification by Russian citizens of lawful marriage concluded abroad, made required, and it is notified within the prescribed authorities term their own state, of which they were nationals, that concluded in the Danish Kingdom legal marriage. That is – once again – informed the government about things that were obliged to notify.

That is, if not known, then there were criminals, deserving of all sorts of penalties. Well done, guys! Even Prime Minister Medvedev was worried about legal nihilism in the old days, when he was a candidate in a mock presidential. Can now calm down, seeing how the conscious and law abiding younger generation grows up. Although, on the other hand, the element of demonic possession and contempt for the law, unlike the common people private his servants should keep the Lady in good shape is to relax too early…

Meanwhile, the state represented by authorized employee of the MFC, following the norms of the Russian legislation, not only took note of the notification of citizens Stocco and Wojciechowski, but also, as required by law, has authorized the marriage by the relevant stamp in their passports. No, not blindly and thoughtlessly authorize, and following again simply and specifically spelled out the norms in some relevant article, which meticulously reglamentary everything, including possible grounds for refusal. Same-sex spouses, as opposed to, say, their affinity, in this article as a fact hindering the necessary registration, if the marriage is contracted abroad, in accordance with the law of the country where was issued. In General, it was a beam and Chiki-bunches…

Later it turned out that the norms of the Russian legislation, spelled out in other articles of different codes, somewhat contrary to the article, which perfectly followed the employee of MFC. Something something there is not consistent but unhappy employee cannot be blamed for these contradictions of the law – it is not a legislator and not a lawyer. And this anonymous employee, as it emerged from the terrible philippic of the Ministry of interior, has been fired. Because it strictly followed the law! And this strict adherence to the law called a “blatant provocation”. However, well!

The dismissal of ladies once again and demanded the possessed Deputy Milonov. Reached. But it turns out that the interior Ministry had entered into a criminal conspiracy with this Deputy, by a terrible act of legal nihilism is contrary to the blessed hope of the Prime Minister Medvedev. Of course, he is no longer President, but still…

Of course, we fell from the sky and it is clear that the unhappy employee is not taken into account, blindly following the law, the main extra-legal circumstance, which in Russia is above any law – militant, cave homophobia perpetuated by the same government as one of its cornerstones “spiritual braces”. It is this linking of the justified all of the illegal punishment, and collapsed on the poor emphasize, and to the citizens themselves Stocco and Wojciechowski, who just cancelled a passport from some cosmic whizz and also without trial or any investigation… Like, tremble! In this case – the creature powerless…

And all in a row – immediately without trial, extra-legal absolutely the revoking the license of the Comedy about the death of Stalin, as a few tyrants, gathered in a dark room, suddenly saw a “mockery of history” and the “spiritual scrapie”. Thus, among the “seeing” – again, the deputies, who, it would seem, must first faithfully observe the provisions of the law. And even the Constitution. Oh, the word I, of course, said nothing… And that we are still far from firing threes?

“Insult”, “insult”, “humiliation” – the definition of which now justify any arbitrariness. But “offended” themselves once again in what does not deny, mock and humiliate worse than any “insulting” and then they – honor and the road. Remember to heap more of the same “Matilda”… A lot of things can now be bonuspoint! Every day fun… And not what people, and even prosecution, which is usually “on guard” (including spiritual braces), are modestly silent.

And now the Deputy Milonov to indulge in any opportunity to publicly shout, did whatever in every way, offering these “creatures” (Messrs Stocco and Wojciechowski) grant is cancelled passports VETERINARY BOOKS! And even scribbles in the us, that is the enemy, Facebook – not afraid W! – posts one after the other, although FB officially pursues those who distinguished themselves “by insulting someone on the basis of religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation.” But FB USA, as the Russian Prosecutor’s office with her people, homophobic Milanova, too, is somehow silent…

I’m not asking the same Prosecutor’s office – is it permissible in our law, does not contradict to the norms, public rudeness, dirty insults and the bullying of innocent, law-abiding (while the court has not accepted another solution) citizens of their own country? I also did not ask, and what would happen to these citizens if they publicly and every day was called “the creature” himself Milonov? I’m afraid they would be quickly overpowered and something soldered for “insulting a representative of authorities”. So “insulted” would be meticulously saw.

And I haven’t even thought to ask the leadership of the state Duma of the Russian Federation: such obscene behavior of your “public servants” personally to you is not offensive? No? Or is it the norm in Russia corresponding to the “spiritual scrapie”? You don’t get embarrassed? You have the same there is some kind of “ethics”? Or standards of your ethics differ from generally accepted – at least in the civilized world, where such citizens are not that resign from any public or elected office, and being chased out?

And the same “growing atmosphere of hatred” in society, caused by including impunity and the lexicon of hate, only concern is the small number of defenders to sporadic meetings with the President and no one else?

In General, all these questions I don’t ask. Helpless. There is only one – to my friend the farmer. He very soon one pig must be resolved droppings. And that’s what I think – ask him to name one of the wonderful newborn pink pigs in honor of the beloved Deputy. Is it legal? If so, will publish soon the veterinary book with his name.

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