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Monday, February 19, 2018

The ancient jaw of Homo Sapiens has given rise to rewrite the history of mankind

After examining the jaw, previously discovered in the cave Milia in Israel, experts from tel Aviv University came to the conclusion that her age is not less than 177 thousand years. If the findings of scientists are true, it makes tens of thousands of years to move the date of the appearance of modern humans and their migration outside Africa.

Photo: Rolf Quam/Binghamton University.

After Dating a few different methods, the experts came to the conclusion that the age of the bones ranges from 177 to 194 thousand years. The researchers said that it discovered a bone, judging by the results, is the ancient remains of a completely “modern” from an anatomical point of view of a man who lived even earlier representatives of Homo Sapiens, the remains of which are found in Africa, had some “archaic” features, reports Popular Mechanics.

If the scientists are correct, this should mean that humans first left Africa about 50 thousand years earlier than was assumed so far. According to the most accepted today is the theory that Homo sapiens as a species separated from the common with Neanderthals ancestor by about 315 million years ago, and only 122 thousand years ago for the first time moved outside of the American continent.

In addition to the fragment of the skull, the researchers found in the cave of tools and evidence that people in the cave was used by fire. Guns belong to the Levallois industry, there are stone artifacts that are typical, primarily to the middle Paleolithic (from 300 to 30 thousand years ago). Methods of cleavage, by which tools were produced that allowed you to accurately control the shape of the final product.

The study was published in the journal Science.

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