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Monday, February 19, 2018

Russian invader terrorists: fighter LC Ageev sentenced

In Ukraine, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment 22-summer Russian Victor Ageev, who fought in the armed forces of the self-proclaimed LNR. According to the lawyer of the young man Victor Chigusa, the Russian Consulate refused to help him, because Moscow does not consider itself party to the conflict. In turn, the source of “MK”, close to the presidential Administration of Russia, said that while the Kremlin has not expressed even thoughts about how to exchange Ageeva for example so-called “ex Grushnikov”.

A frame from the video

Ageeva was detained June 24, 2017 and immediately called the Russian mercenary, simultaneously accused of illegal possession of arms and ammunition. Together with the Russians the day caught three employees of the national police LNR, two more were killed. Military was attacked in the moment when they carried food to their colleagues on the front lines; the operation was so rapid that they did not manage to resist.

In the indictment the court was not even a single word about that Ageev, being a Russian soldier, occupied part of Luhansk region. The Prosecutor’s office and SBU have not been able to prove it. Among other things, they prevented a military card of the guy that had done all the necessary marks that he completed his service long before went to the LC. Moreover, the prosecution came to the conclusion that Ageev was not involved in the fighting on the territory of Donbass.

However, this did not stop the Prosecutor’s office to call the Russian member of a terrorist organization. Chevguz decided to take advantage of this fact and has filed an appeal. The lawyer hopes that the prosecution perekvalificirovat for participation in an illegal armed formation, which is a softer article of the criminal code.

However, regardless of agreeing the Ukrainian Themis’s attorney Russian or not, everyone is interested in, whether it will serve your sentence or exchanged… We will remind, in may 2016 Kyiv swapped the two so-called “Grushnikov” Evgeny Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov on the “spotter” Hope Savchenko. Russia has a lot of similar prisoners: the leader of the “Crimean terrorists” Oleg Sentsov, a few of the “Crimean saboteurs” for more than 15 Crimean Tatar, Nikolai Karpyuk and Stanislav Klyh, charged with the defense of Grozny, Federal troops in the first Chechen war, and so on.

As reported by “MK” a source close to the presidential Administration of Russia, Ageyeva was convicted under this article that all exchange should not be. At least until now, Kiev has always insisted on this. Ukrainian authorities are interested in how to make people like Ageev, proof of a Russian attack on the Donbass. In this regard, the source is confident that the other combatants to exchange will not. Most likely, Kiev will want to trade him for those who are in Russian prisons. However, while on this subject there have been no talks, neither official nor unofficial. According to the source, Moscow is not going to do in this direction a first step, a proposal needs to get representatives of Ukraine, and if it seems interesting, it may start a discussion lists. However, he stressed that so far the Kremlin has not expressed even thoughts on this subject.

In turn, the member of the public Council under the MFA of Ukraine Andriy Buzarov predicted first in the history of the war in the Donbass, the exchange of a Russian prisoner, who was convicted on felony article on prisoners of the DNI and LC: “IN the information field of Ukraine on the sentence has not caused a public outcry. I don’t think he had served the entire term, probably it will be exchanged for Ukrainian prisoners of war of DNR and LNR. His case cannot be compared in scale to the criminal process in the case of Russians of Alexander and Yerofeyev, which were exchanged for Nadiya Savchenko. Perhaps, of course, Ukraine will try to trade him for Oleg Sentsov, but most likely, Russia will not go for it and it will be someone of the prisoners self-proclaimed republics”.

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