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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Make a fool a fight against fascism

After the triumphant return home of the Crimea in 2014, Russia tried to squeeze out a pan-European structures. But there is in Europe body where we still are among the main actors — the main, but unfortunately not those which would like to be.

photo: Alex geldings

The European court of human rights in Strasbourg published a report on its activities over the past year. The number of complaints on a particular country, which are now before the court, we have taken an honourable second place, conceding much of Romania and slightly ahead of Turkey and Ukraine. But the number of judgments on the violation of human rights Russia is, unfortunately, an absolute leader. On our lot I had 293 such verdict, the share of Turkey — 99, the share of Ukraine — 82.

I have a very complex and contradictory attitude to the European court of human rights, and General international judicial structures. When the international permanent court of arbitration in the Hague in the same 2014, has ordered Russia to pay $ 50 billion to former shareholders of Yukos, I just was shaking with rage. I didn’t understand and still don’t understand why Russian taxpayers, including me, have to pay Khodorkovsky with colleagues a single cent. I also frankly don’t like it when Alexei Navalny carries domestic political struggle in the walls of the ECHR, trying to prove, among other things, that it illegally was not registered as a candidate in Presidents of Russia. I have no position on whether the was to give Navalny a chance to become an official opponent of Putin in the presidential election. But I firmly believe that such issues should be solved in Russia, not in France, where is located the European court. The concept of “state sovereignty,” thank God, no one has canceled.

However, for all its rejection of foreign interference in our internal Affairs I am absolutely convinced that if Russia in the foreseeable future, suddenly decide to say goodbye to the ECHR, it will become for our country a true tragedy. Here are a few typical news recently. Children of Kolomna was sentenced to fifteen years in a penal colony for the census in social networks another anti-Russian text with a sharply critical comment in his address. But even if such a review was not whether the gravity of the crime draws on such a sentence? In Arkhangelsk the volunteer staff of Navalny was fined a thousand rubles for the publication in social networks picture of a Soviet soldier, standing with drooping banners of the German troops at the Victory Parade in may 1945. “Vigilant”, the judge saw this public display of Nazi symbols. In Novgorod one more “vigilant”, the judge fined local resident of 30 thousand rubles for the fact that he is in the same social networks have added to your personal playlist dubious clip of some Polish black metal band.

Of course, Russia is a huge country with a huge number of vessels that take out a huge number of sentences. And in a huge number will always be a certain percentage of the absurd. But not too big for the mandatory share is absurd? I think that too. And I think that in our judicial system disabled safety mechanisms that would have allowed her to correct their mistakes. So, it seems, it seems not only me alone. Remember the case when Vladimir Putin with indignation was publicly read out a court decision, and then marveled at its absurdity? Remember a situation when GDP was frozen in surprise, hearing on judicial decisions, when a “terrible crime” in the form of sending of esemes women were given the real terms behind bars?

I think that during your next presidential term, Putin needs to stop surprising manners and customs of our judicial system is to stop wondering and finally begin to act not a point and systematically. The phrase “judicial reform” in recent years we hear only in the context of finding a new governing chair for Dmitry Medvedev after his departure from the Prime Ministers. And this is completely bizarre. Over the last decade Russia has managed to reform his army and largely to return to her former prestige in the society. Recently, for example, my friend big boss intimidated me a story. It began to besiege the parents of recruits who for some reason was not taken into the army. At first, my friend genuinely could not understand what he should do. But after listening to dozens of requests, “take your son!”it came to him. Some of the “most intelligent” parents consider the service of his child in the Armed forces the key to his future successful career in state agencies.

Was it possible to imagine something like that in the 90s or even the beginning of zero? No, you cannot. The army seemed hopelessly sick body. And if so, why did the authorities put up with the fact that we have such a court and such a prison system? Maybe the point is not the absence of real possibilities to change the situation in these spheres for the better, and that this task is not for the Kremlin priority? If my suspicion is justified, Putin should carefully look at the list new, fresh look. Nice, of course, that the citizens of Russia have the opportunity to appeal to the judges in distant Strasbourg. But the “record” that our country put in the European court of human rights, is not among the achievements that cause pride.

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