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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I remember the old Soviet anecdote: the last word Nikita Belykh in court

The verdict in the trial of former Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, who is accused of receiving a bribe in especially large size, Thursday, February 1, will make the Presnensky district court. This became known on Friday, January 26, at the final stage of the trial.

Meanwhile, the defendant thoroughly prepared for his last word: labeling a consequence, he remembered Ilf and Petrov, Ken Kesey, the ancient Romans and folk humor. He also mentioned about his achievements, family and health problems. Eloquent as recently convicted ex-Minister Alexei Ulyukayev, ex-Governor thanked everyone and apologized to those who’ve been waiting for this day from his political statements.

Paramedics in court. Photo by Daria Fedotova.

The final stage of the trial, along with the hype surrounding the unusual meetings in the SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina” (recall the condition Whites were not allowed to hold meetings in court) did their job – an hour before the start of the session of the court began moving. Among the many reporters had seen a White wife with a support group. Say, military girlfriend ex-officer came to court barely a few hours before the meeting. There was the ambulance from “Matrosskaya Tishina”. Medical equipment and drugs raised to the second floor separate stairs.

At some point the wait was interrupted by one of the prosecutors, Marina djatlova. Coming out of the courtroom with a sheet of paper, the representative of state charge said someone phone the names of the gathered media and, apparently, getting “good”, is going to give a review.

Dear Mr. Prosecutor, do not give comments in the courthouse. On the street, ‘ said the bailiff.

The Prosecutor had nothing to do but to head toward the exits.

And then the unexpected happened. None of the TV people didn’t even think to move the strategic places in the courtroom was more than the words of the representatives of the law.

Soon, the corridor seemed postroynevshaya White piece. As before, the ex-Governor was all in black, with a cane. Looking around the crowd, White saw a familiar face and portrayed something like a smile.

– Held, summed up many relatives, most of whom were women.

Next to the hall, showering the crowd aroma of heavy and expensive unisex, entered the Prosecutor Svetlana Tarasova.

– Gas attack, ‘ hissed the brunette following relatives of the defendant.

– She’s in court on the BMW X5 arrives – gave information knowledgeable witness in the crowd.

After 15 minutes from the hall came the lawyer and stated that his client jumped the pressure.

– Now do a shot for Nikita Yurievich did well, after 10-15 minutes begin.

Women White together nodded, but already accustomed to permanent bad condition of his men, whether from excitement, and did not sad after a few minutes with the family came a light laughter.

– Nikita Jurevich, your last word, addressed ex-Governor, judge Tatiana vasyuchenko.

Nikita Yuryevich, comfortably leaning on the bars, with feeling, really began to read the last word. Curious, but at some point there was a sense of deja vu. White, as well as the ex-Minister Ulyukayev, in his last speech sprinkled with quotes, telling jokes and remembering the great.

– I remember the old Soviet joke, when a man in the village to be arrested for moonshining. When he says he’s not cooked, it say that the phone has and that is enough. Then he says, let him be arrested for rape. “What did you rape?”. «No. But the device has” – had White a parallel with the position of the investigation, claiming that the alleged March 5, 2014, he met with a key witness, businessman Yury Sudheimer and he allegedly gave him a bribe. This assumption was based only on the fact that the witness has arrived to Kirov.

The problem is that this meeting on March 5, simply had no contact with this man was not, was not the reason for the meeting… He did not come that day in the building of the government and of all schedules of shows that meeting with Sudheimer was not… Interestingly, prosecutors in the debate referred to the fact that he flew to Kirov…

Criticized the defendant and the absolute confidence of the public prosecution of the truthfulness of the testimony of Sudheimer, saying, “this is impossible to invent”.

– Sudheimer repeatedly visited me in the office and he did not make special work to show how we supposedly was talking to… If Sudheimer pointed out that I met him in a red frock coat and cello and during the search I have found a red coat and a cello, to deny it would be difficult – practiced eloquence ex-official, after remembering the episode of the legendary works “12 chairs”.

– “Why did you breech the courier? I didn’t hurt his feelings. He came hurt…”And the consequence: You met with Sugimura? No? And he to Kirov has arrived…- ironically White.

Walked the defendant and the witnesses for the prosecution:

– In General, the situation with the witnesses looks very revealing. Stated 151 people as witnesses for the prosecution, but after they began to give testimony, which, apparently, was not satisfied, questioned less than 15%, namely 21 persons, concluded White.

One of the prosecutors, meanwhile, was engaged with his smartphone, the other painted point on the margin of their records.

Noted ex-the Governor and the futility of attempts of the prosecution to “catch” it.:

We presented a detailed calculation of my income and current expenses associated with living in Kirov, and personal consumption. No rumors, relied on by the prosecution, was not confirmed, – said White, noting that neither the video nor the audio material, which were investigated in court, confirmed 24 Jun 2016 package with wine (in which, recall, was hidden the money), he was perceived not as a gift to the birthday, but as a bribe.

At the end of his speech, White immodestly told that for 7 years he worked in Kirov 12-14 hours a day. He has accumulated 200 days of unused vacation.

– I’m not ashamed of my job. But this does not mean that everything was done and done perfectly, something did not, there were mistakes, but as you know is not mistaken who does nothing. And I did, ‘ said White, then saying for many extremely doubtful: – For making money doesn’t exactly make sense to go to work the Governor of the Kirov region.

According to White, all the time he tried to show “that the power may be different, open and democratic»:

– So anyone and this is no figure of speech could have come to me with problems on the street, in shop, in social networks… I at least tried to make it hell – graduated from the former Governor saying of the hero of Ken Kesey.

He also noted that it’s not for a feast but for a healthy example involved in charity work, organized community work days, and the donor movement.

Corrupt essence as pregnancy, intrigued White. – You cannot be a little pregnant or a little bit corrupt and they all know it and visibly… Murder will out, ö the ex-official.

The former Governor also thanked all who supported him, and wished prosperity to the inhabitants of Kirov. Also admitted that his only desire is to be close to your loved ones. Among them, White said his young wife and their 4 sons who need the father’s podenzana. However, it smoothly moved ex-official to your condition, you need health:

So many infusions, injections and pills shoved at me lately as there was in my entire life. And I’m 42 years old – all White reminded the judge.

– I want one that the court understood… Asked to render a verdict of acquittal, ö the defendant.

The judge, nodding approvingly, stood up and announced that it will begin a verdict on February 1, at 12.00.

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“The last word of the Whites was postponed for an hour due to the pressure of 190»


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