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Monday, February 19, 2018

Ban “Bandera ideology” will not affect relations of Poland and Ukraine

The Polish Sejm on Friday adopted a law prohibiting the country’s promotion of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists (“Bandera ideology”). The document was approved by the majority of Polish MPs – 279 of 414. As noted by the Polish newspaper Do Rzeczy, it defines as criminal the cooperation between the Ukrainian nationalists and the Ukrainian associations with the Third Reich, and also gives the opportunity to initiate criminal proceedings against those who deny the crimes of Bandera. Sanctions for the denial can be up to three years of imprisonment.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

What forced the poles to adopt this law and how it affects the relationship between the two neighboring countries, said the “MK» senior researcher, Institute of Slavic studies Vadim VOLOBUEV.

– The time the meeting of Ministers of foreign Affairs of Poland and Ukraine. Can we say that the adoption of the law in anticipation of this event, happened by chance?

– I think that’s really a coincidence. The law is very long discussed twice its adoption was postponed, the result is simply held up to this meeting and it turned out that the poles, unwittingly, presented here is a surprise to the Ukrainians in advance of this meeting.

– What made them finally make the law?

In my opinion, he needs more poles, that is, for internal use. It is, rather, the game is on the voter, the Polish authorities are interested in how to win the next parliamentary elections. And they were given certain promises to their constituents, including to raise the issue of the Volyn massacre, zamalchivalis by the previous government. Here they are on their promises and perform.

– How will this affect relations between the two countries?

– It is unlikely that he will impact both countries are very interested in their establishment.

But the Polish Minister, perhaps, as some will have to explain to his Ukrainian counterpart at the meeting, why was this law passed?

– I think that the Polish government, the more it is there have recently been replaced, quietly excuse before the Ukrainians that we had nothing to do with it all MPs. Although some, and others are in the same party.

And how believable it will sound?

Well, here, really, I must say that it is not always one wing “Law and justice” support what makes the other flank. This party is very large and it is impossible to identify the Seimas and the Government due to the fact that they are guided from one centre. Actually it is not so. For example, when the Seimas passed a resolution to recognize the Volyn massacre as genocide, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the party, were against this, and his party voted “for”. So easily this could be. And the Ukrainians will say, deputies say, so I accepted, and we do not support them. And everything goes on as before.

 – And still, Ukrainians can’t be indignant. At least outwardly.

Of course, the Ukrainians are now indignant. Rise noise in the press, of course. But at the level of government most likely not say anything. Well, maybe some kind of emergency announcement will be made from any of the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry, nothing more. Objectively, these two countries are interested to meet each other, regardless of the steps its members. Moreover, the law has a specific assignment: condemned propaganda Bandera views regarding those who collaborated with the Nazis. And since not all of the Ukrainian insurgent army worked with them, this law could easily become a mere formality. Well, to sweeten the pill, the Ukrainians, the poles, perhaps take some steps — for example, to impose relief for migrant workers. Or promise to intensify efforts to promote Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO.

– As, by the way, is now moving to the establishment of military cooperation of these countries?

– The poles still are trying to drag Ukraine’s membership in NATO. It is for them a fundamental question. And in the framework of the Visegrad four, where Ukraine is not included, it is there the observer, tried to make now and will make the quick response team, which will Polish and Ukrainian troops.

– And for Ukraine’s accession to the EU Poland will be able to put in a good word?

Poland in the European Union now have a very bad reputation and it is unlikely her voice there is now listed. Yes and as said already the former Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland, Waszczykowski, “Bandera” Ukrainians will not enter there. But NATO is a very can even enter, especially since the poles were very even hear, because they have a good relationship with the American President. Not for nothing, when he was in Warsaw, it just crumbled in praise of the poles.

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