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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Zoologists: cats are left-handed, and it affects their character

Like humans, cats are divided into righties and lefties, and what paw they have is “leading”, to some extent depends on the behavior of Pets. To this conclusion came a group of Irish researchers from Queen’s University in Belfast.

photo: Aleksandr Rõžikov/youtube

The researchers observed 24 cats and 20 cats and noticed that neglecting something or drawing to a piece of food, some animals are much more frequently used left front paw and the other right. According to experts, unlike the people among whom the left hand is leading, only about every tenth, in cats, the ratio was much more equal. The female cat often appeared “right-handed”, whereas among cats it was more “Lefty”

Scientists also noted that cat right handed people generally have a more pleasant character — they are on average less aggressive and fearful, and better able to cope with stress. Experts hope that these data will allow a better understanding of what biological mechanisms cause the animal to experience stress.

The study was published in the journal Animal Behaviour.

That the right and left cerebral hemispheres differ from each other and perform different functions, known for a long time. For research in this area neuropsychologist Roger Sperry 1981 he was awarded the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. It is also known that because of this people, and many animals pay more attention to the care of their offspring, trying to get the cubs were in the field of their left eye.

However, the widespread belief that one hemisphere is the “creative” and “logical” is a not even a simplification, and a myth — probably somehow connected with the fact that in the past, many people feared lefties.


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