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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Why Ukraine didn’t want Navy ships from the Crimea

After two weeks since the proposals of the President of the Russian Federation on the return to Ukraine of its military equipment, including ships, remaining in the Crimea, it became clear — square to pick up my utensils is not going to. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin called a proposal by President Vladimir Putin to “trick” designed to demonstrate the existence of a dialogue about the Peninsula. A number of Ukrainian experts said that to take this property — too expensive. And at the same time, it is not clear whether now Ukraine’s Navy at all. “MK” understood what actually is a Navy APU and why the government is not planning to withdraw their ships.

photo: maxpark.com

The last four years in Kiev, there was talk about how to oblige Russia to return the country to military equipment remaining in Crimea after the referendum in 2014. For example, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko said that Moscow is using these ships as a “technical donor” and they are dismantled. He was required to give back the ship and pay compensation for the damage. In turn, the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubiy generally expressed confidence that the Ukrainian sailors return Crimea and to restore the naval base on the Peninsula.

However, after the proposal was made on the Russian side, the tone changed. Instead take a long-awaited offer of the Russian leader in Kiev sparked controversy about the appropriateness of this decision. First, it turned out that to take the ships Ukraine can not afford. Second, the withdrawal of military equipment from the Peninsula will mean that Kiev recognize the Russian Crimea, and throughout the country, such inferences are not Patriotic and were punished severely.

Most experts interviewed by “MK”, agree that the naval equipment of Ukraine in Sevastopol is not in working condition and looks like scrap metal. In Kiev this view do not agree and are sure that virtually all equipment left in the Crimea, was repaired. According to Igor Voronchenko, eight warships are on the move there was only one big ship “Konstantin Olshansky”, which was in need of repair the main engines. However, even these combat units, the government export plans. Do Ukraian Navy does not need ships?

Now the Navy of Ukraine consists of three warships, including a frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”, Corvette “Vinnytsia” and the average landing ship “Yuri Olefirenko”. In addition, Ukrainian troops own one inshore minesweeper, 9 battle boats, 2 command ships and exploration, 3 study of boats, and tugs, rescue and other courts. It would seem that with such a puny fleet, any additional return the vehicle for happiness. However, the Ukrainian authorities, and its reasons. What is “MK” has found out from the experts:

Igor Korotchenko, chief editor of the magazine “national defense”

– It is a question of foreign policy prestige. The fact that the Navy APU, which are in the Crimea represent metal. Your own running ships are not, they need to be towed. And more likely that during transport, half of the ships just sink. There is no working mechanisms and devices. Even if they decide to sell the ships as scrap metal, it will be a disaster from the point of view of reputation in the international arena. Imagine that, instead of the strong naval forces of Ukraine, which citizens happily greeted in the port comes this piece of junk, which by the way starts to sink. In addition, the question arises, where to get fuel, service crew, towing — all costs a lot of money, which Ukraine at the moment. In General, naval Mat could never be called brilliant. The Ukrainian military regularly conduct inspection of ships and mostly they were sold or used for exercises.

Victor marakhovskii, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”

All these vessels from the Soviet era and the poor service has long gone out of service. To restore the ships is quite difficult, it requires extra Finance. If the sponsor will reside, it is possible to fix it, to resolve the issue with transportation and other things. But here, rather a political decision than an inability to solve the problem technically.

Mikhail Alexandrov, leading expert of the Center for military-political studies at MGIMO

– All Ukrainian military equipment, which now controls Russia, can be repaired and used for exercises. In a suitable condition are ships, tanks, and armored personnel carriers. There is not much I do not understand the refusal of the Ukrainian side to take equipment back, how the “goodwill gesture” of the Russian government. The people of Donbass, probably very surprised at the decision to arm the Ukraine and are in a panic. Most likely, the Ukrainian government has consulted with the American partners and decided not to make contact with Moscow. Moreover, in case of need US provide them with a more advanced technique. Modern Navy of Ukraine does not seem impressive and is not able to conduct major operations, but he would be a little stronger if you got your ships back.


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