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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Very expensive: the expert appreciated the idea of Putin about the civil Tu-160

January 25, in Kazan the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was shown flying a new supersonic strategic bomber Tu-160M “Pyotr Deinekin”. He performed a 7 minute flight in difficult weather conditions. Vladimir Putin has suggested to create on the basis of the missile of the civil version of the supersonic aircraft. The prospects of such solutions was estimated by the expert.

The Tu-160

Tu-160 “White Swan”, made in OKB “Tupolev” from 1980-ies. Is the heaviest combat aircraft. It has the largest take-off weight among his own kind.

Putin shows the car was assembled at the Kazan aviation plant named after Gorbunov. 16 Nov 2017 it rolled out of the hangar and was transferred to flight test station. And today, 25 January, it was presented to the President. After the flight, he proposed to create a civil version of this aircraft based on the Tu-160. The head of the KLA is reported that this project supersonic civilian airliner is already there.

Military expert Ilya Kramnik, believes that while the development of such a liner in the current environment is inappropriate.

– It is very expensive. And not even just in terms of development, but in terms of operation. And in the current environment does not make sense. If you remember world experience, an example of such a project was “Concord”. At the time it was created with purely commercial objectives – in the West, there were many people who needed to solve the questions online. And the delay would cost a lot of money. And in order that these people could get from Western Europe to America in the shortest possible time, was built this plane. But as you know, he brought only losses.

Today, objectively, with the development of technology in this ship anymore.

– For a long time all the issues that require emergency intervention are solved via closed video conference. In General, the use of network technologies for document management great have simplified everyone’s lives. And for the rest of the movements lack of conventional liners. The price of tickets lower, maintenance is cheaper.

The expert spoke about our project of this airliner — the Tu-144.

– We had the TU-144, but the same situation. Not in the USSR, so many people who needed high-speed flights. But keep it only for prestige was pointless. And now no one commercial airline to place an order for such a complex and expensive to maintain the plane of sense do not see, — explained Vladimir Kramnik

However, in his view, in perspective, it is theoretically possible to assume that such a plane will appear. But to call any particular period is impossible.

In the West the development of such a liner under way, but further presentations in the network do not go. And we have a shortage of money, in my opinion, you need to focus on those ships that we have. This Superjet, and MS-21 widebody airliner, which we jointly developed with China. The Tu-160 is a beautiful car. It is the best in the world strategic bomber, but make sense to do it on the basis of civil aircraft I do not see.


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