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Monday, February 19, 2018

Ukraine wants to legalize corruption: the Parliament introduced a bill

In the Verkhovna Rada a bill which the deputies are going to cancel criminal liability of officials for illegal enrichment. We can say that this is their response to the Europeans, demanding to reason with corruption in the country. Ukrainian MPs simply will withdraw all the “corruption” article of the Criminal code, and judge the officials will not.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The fight against anti-corruption bodies, which the Verkhovna Rada with the submission of the attorney General Lutsenko launched at the end of last year, in fact, lost. The attack on the US supervised the NAB (National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine) and NACP (National Agency for prevention of corruption) was successfully repulsed with the help of the US state Department and IMF, promising harsh measures of the Ukrainian authorities for the persecution of these structures. Soon Ukraine should receive the Highest anti-corruption court that will hear cases against officials-bribe-takers. The adoption of the law on the establishment of this court in the square procrastinated. The IMF even had to suspend the program on the allocation of Ukraine international tranches, to allow the local officials to their senses. As a result, today in Davos Poroshenko confirmed that the law on anti-corruption court will be accepted. This means that on every official and member of the square was threatened: NABU for three years got quite a bit of material on almost all Ukrainian powerful people. What can I say, if illicit enrichment suspected members of the family of interior Minister, and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

But the Ukrainian corrupt officials to surrender without a fight do not intend to. If you are unable to rid themselves of yet it is necessary to make sure that they are not doing the thieving officials. On what basis they will judge bribe-takers, if there is no such criminal article? To judge people only by their country’s laws…So the “Block of Petro Poroshenko” and “popular front”, the representatives of which were under the eye of NABU, introduced in Rada the bill No. 7499, which States that officials shall not be liable for acquisition or transfer to other persons of property whose origin he cannot explain. They only have to answer for the illegal acquisition of anything. But it should be understood that the illegal acquisition is raiding. But if you stole money in kickbacks and these funds bought the eighth’s Palace, it is deemed to be lawfully acquired. The money paid, no questions…questions in the fighters — where’s the money? And that’s what I want to do not have jurisdiction. “Where did, where did you get? Bought!”.

Now the official is threatened by imprisonment from 2 to 10 years for the acquisition of property the value of which does not match the official income of his family.

The bill also “proposes to establish the responsibility of officials exclusively for the unlawful acquisition of property – for example, without a proper agreement or a power of attorney from the owner. Thus, the acquisition of public officials cars and apartments that cost hundreds of times more than their official salary, if it is done officially, say in the showroom – would not involve criminal liability”, – said the Centre for anti-corruption.

I must say that criminal liability for illicit enrichment in Ukraine has introduced in 2015 by the EU pursuant to the action Plan on visa liberalization. It was one of the commitments of Ukraine to the IMF, is fixed by the Memorandum. If now the MPs annul this article, about bezviz loans and Ukraine will be forgotten. But officials of the square and the choice is not large, the current article on illicit enrichment and the emergence of the anti-corruption court they are all potential “criminals”. What really is bezviz and loans. Since the bill has not bad chances of acceptance.


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