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Monday, February 19, 2018

The elephant in the room: what is needed to Trump in Davos

This year the snow in Davos fell monumental. He failed at this Swiss resort from head to toe. Jokers say that nature has done everything in her power to prevent in Davos President of the United States Donald trump.

photo: AP

Trump, despite his billions, was considered the Davos elite boys. Nestled up to the window, he looked outside at what is happening in this Holy of holies, which he simultaneously alkali and despised.

Donald trump went to Davos for the annual Saturnalia of capitalism, at a rendezvous of money and power. Rogue seemed to revenge exclusive Davos club, which did not bother to invite him to his vigil, when he was “just” a billionaire businessman. Now trump broke through the Blizzard of nature and contempt as the leader of the “free world” are still despised but not ignored.

Here’s how commented on the phenomenon of trump Davos his biographer Michael D’antonio: “on the one hand, he would feel contempt for him, but on the other, satisfaction at the fact that he is the President of the United States, but others are not. We shall watch his tweets, teetering between feelings of superiority and inferiority complex”.

American presidents, as a rule, avoid Davos. The exception is bill Clinton, who visited his land in 2000. And now — Donald trump, billionaire populist, as he calls himself. What is the intrigue of his throw in the Davos jet-set? Well, first, he broke into a party that does not want to. And, secondly, he did it under the slogan “America First” (“America first”), undermining the foundations of the Davos globalization.

Trump sensed the tension of the emerging situation. On the eve of departure he “slapped” tariffs on solar panels and washing machine. Having signed the decree, trump said: “I’m flying to Davos. There I will talk about investing in the United States. Let them come to us people and spend their money in the old and good America.”

Opening on Tuesday the Davos gathering, the Prime Minister of India Narendra modi defended globalization. On the same day, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced the end of negotiations of the Asia-Pacific and the conclusion of trade Pact “without the participation of the United States.”

Trump is not bestowed Davos his long presence. He took to staying there one day, which included a meeting with the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may, with whom he had an uneasy relationship. (It was posted on the Internet anti-Muslim video, distributed by the British far-right.) A more pleasant part of the schedule of trump began meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and participation in the reception hosted world leaders in his honor.

With President trump in Davos went by seven Ministers of his Cabinet, including Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin. But the first lady Melania in Davos did not fly. It is noticed that after the publication of the book Wolff, Melania, as they say, does not protrude. Claim that life in the White house not to her liking that she cried the day of her husband’s victory in the presidential election. Added fuel to the fire and the newspaper “Washington post” that trump, through his lawyers bought off before the election, by paying a certain porn actress 130000 dollars. Spokeswoman, first lady Stephanie Grisham explains its absence in Davos “logistics discrepancies and inconsistencies of schedule.” However, God bless her, Melania!

After Davos trump announced his victory over “fat cats” of the business world and simultaneously about the Alliance with them. (Depending on which tweet you read.) Here is what Anne-Marie Slowther, President of “New America”, a research organization in Washington and the former Director of planning in the Obama state Department: “He (i.e., trump) like a chameleon. On the forum he tried to please the Davos crowd. Other business — tweets”.

Davos “topocentric” — 1% of the world’s power elite — especially the us, are obliged to Trump the fact that he significantly cut taxes on corporations and managed to push through Congress the relevant law. However, in the margins of these “topocentric” consider it “global wild card,” intoxicated with the idea of creating walls, both real and invented, on the way immigration and free trade.

Political and corporate leaders gathering in Davos, stood a very difficult dilemma: try to play along with Trump and to use its “good side”, or to show him a Fig, unleashed criticism on his leadership. Columnist writes “new York times” Peter Baker, “in the end, trump is the President who uses “wrecking ball” (“wrecking ball”) against the liberal international order that is Davos. Already in the first year of his presidency he led the United States from the TRANS-Pacific agreements with Asian countries, threatening to withdraw from the free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada and similar agreements with South Korea, if they do not revise the covenants according to his will, threatening to start a trade war with China and get out of the Paris agreement on environment, signed by all countries except the United States.”

On the eve of Davos, trump has managed to offend many African countries, using very vulgar words in their address. And in Davos are ten African States. To smooth this international embarrassment, a meeting was arranged with trump Chairman of the African Union and President of Rwanda Paul Kagame.

Speaking about the strategy of the Davos club against trump, President Halifaxa international security forum Peter van Praag stated: “For the Davos elite, it is very important to hear from the President-populist, who although he is a billionaire businessman, but it’s better than it understands the needs of ordinary people, how to respond to those requests. I was hoping that trump will bring in Davos message to the business elite on the lessons he acquired as a candidate and during the first year of his presidency. The people in Davos theoretically know what was happening, but they wanted to hear it from the lips of the tramp”.

Conflict is the elephant in the room that is trump in Davos, was the fact that he was on the parade “of Onoprienko” could not and had no right to speak on behalf of “the remaining” 99 percent. Writes biographer trump D’antonio, “the Davos elite and media think trump’s uncomfortable and rude. They can secure his position, but privately, and sometimes publicly, they deny it. Trump knows that, as at the time he knew that for the same reasons and in the same way he was rejected by the social elite of new York”.

The elephant has no place in a China shop, but without him she cannot exist.


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