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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Six reasons for unhealthy glow: how to get rid of face problems

Rosy cheeks from ancient times considered a sign of good health. But sometimes a blush on his face appears quite different: the skin is covered with a mesh of dilated blood vessels and capillaries.

This unpleasant defect known under the name “rosacea”. This disease does not pose a serious danger to the body, however, the person with the red “stars” looks absolutely unattractive.

Rosacea is a fairly stubborn disease that tends to occur again and again. Spider veins on the face are not their own and require treatment. How to understand what blush is unhealthy and how to get rid of it, “MK” was told by the beautician, dermatologist, member of society of aesthetic medicine Irina Kulakova.

photo: a frame from the video

Says Irina Ivanovna, before you engage in battle with rosacea you need to find out why. “Self-medication can cause serious harm, why take the risk if there is visible skin blemishes is strictly prohibited ‒ you must consult a specialist. The doctor will make the treatment program on the results of the inspection, tests and analyses,” says our expert.

So, what are the main factors influencing the appearance of rosacea?

First. Diseases of internal organs and the endocrine system can be one of the main reasons for the development of rosacea and, in particular rosacea. There are systemic diseases such as lupus erythematosus, which is expressed in vascular “butterfly” on the face ‒ they must be distinguished from rosacea. The body with the pathology of internal organs should be under the careful supervision of doctors.

Second. Failures in the operation of vessels immediately reflected on the face, as the capillaries are very close to the skin.

Third. Features of the structure of the skin may indicate a predisposition of the skin to rosacea. For example, for thin and dry skin recommended special care and regular professional treatments.

Fourth. Bad habits detrimental to overall health and can cause a number of problems that are likely to affect the condition of the skin.

Fifth. Improper diet affects the condition of blood vessels. To minimize the risk of rosacea will help balanced diet in small portions 4-6 times a day. In the presence of factors that favour development of the disease, it is recommended to eliminate marinades, red wine, grapes and limit consumption of sweet products, vinegar, butter, tomatoes, onions, drinks with sweeteners and artificial dyes, coffee, as well as to establish the drinking regime.

Sixth. Long stay in the environment with “aggressive” temperature disrupts the normal operations of vessels. Too warm rooms (saunas, baths, work in the “hot shops”) and in the heat, the vessels dilate and gradually wear out, so rosacea in this case it will be more of a natural reaction of the body. Cold is also an external stimulus that reduces the elasticity of blood vessels, and causes the formation of dark nodules, or, as they say, “stars”. Excessive UV exposure dehydrates and thins the skin, so beach lovers and sun decks are in the risk zone.

The main task in the treatment of rosacea is not only to remove spider veins and prevent them from reappearing in the future. This can help in modern cosmetology today there are effective hardware and injection techniques to eliminate external defects for many years. We have to tell you about three treatments, most effective in the fight against rosacea.

First, laser coagulation of blood vessels – this technique is capable of 1-3 procedures painlessly and safely remove discoloration caused by vascular pathology. During the procedure, there is a direct effect on the blood vessels: the laser beam penetrates the epidermis and heats the distressed vessel, which in the future, “sealed” and disappears.

Secondly, minimally invasive sclerotherapy. The procedure is based on the peculiar bonding of blood vessels by introducing a sclerosing component in the area of the affected vascular area.

Thirdly, there is a technique, which is based on simultaneous influence of light and bipolar RF energy. Small damaged vessels disappear, and the larger problem areas are significantly reduced in size.

When identifying rosacea the doctor usually appoints additional medical treatment after the examination and test results. However, it can only slow the progression of the disease, not eliminate it completely.

In the presence of rosacea are always assigned to a variety of drugs, support vessels. To reinforce vessels and skin will beneficial vitamin-mineral complexes. Special attention should be paid to drugs and foods containing vitamins P, K, C, D, silicon.

To support the result obtained after the treatment, the necessary supportive care in the home. To aid you can consider some cosmetic products that can be purchased at the pharmacy. From rough scrubs, peels, masks based on fruit and berries are best avoided ‒ they can be a strong irritant to the blood vessels. For microcirculation will be useful for gentle facial massage. For the prevention of vascular pattern on the face is recommended to wipe the face adapted at pH lotions. In any case, you can’t use ice ‒ it constricts and dilates blood vessels, which only provokes the development of rosacea.


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