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Friday, April 13, 2018

“Sitting side by side, a finger touched”: Putin watched the flight of the missile, remembering the old

Vladimir Putin considers that Russia should return to the project of creating a supersonic civilian airliner — that require both the magnitude of the country and the need to develop economic ties with remote areas. As the basic model, the President proposed to use a strategic bomber Tu-160, the controls that he was sitting 13 years ago. “We need to create its civil version,” he instructed the GDP.

photo: kremlin.ru

Moved from Ufa to Kazan, Vladimir Putin has continued to engage in the defence sector, but under a different perspective. If in Bashkortostan discussed the conversion, at the Kazan aircraft plant, the main theme was the strengthening of the military potential of the country.

The President was shown a demonstration flight of a new Tu-160M “Pyotr Deinekin” — advanced version of the strategic bomber-missile developed at the Tupolev in the 70-ies of the last century. Journalists from the superstitions of the pilots in his car before departure not allowed. But, if you believe the military, the combat characteristics of the aircraft will be improved gradually.

After a complete modernization of the bomber will be able to strike targets not only cruise missiles, but also bombs. Replaced system aimed firing, avionics and aircraft avionics and onboard communication — it can be support via satellites.

The pilots before the demonstration, naturally, was nervous for good reason: the calculated flight height of the largest submarine in the world, nicknamed the “White Swan”, 18 thousand meters. However, before Putin from-for low overcast “bird” had to maneuver on the threat of 300 metres. In addition, like the law of meanness, a few minutes before the arrival of the President airfield covered with snow charge. But despite the poor visibility, the pilots all turned out. “The test programme is executed in full. The aircraft is stable, manageable and ready for further modernization,” reported defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “Good job. All movements are designed to” — with knowledge of the case praised Putin, who 13 years ago took flight to the old version of the Tu-160.

The President stressed that the decision to renew the aircraft was taken for a reason. “When we began to use Tu-160 (in the course of military operations in Syria. — “MK”), I immediately became apparent that there is need to change much. There are new technologies that should be used,” he said.

According to GDP, the new version of the bomber is only superficially similar to the old model. And in fact the armed forces will get a brand new war machine. “This is a serious step to strengthening of defensibility of our country, because the Tu-160 is one of the elements of our nuclear triad, very significant thing,” recalled GDP. Until 2027, the defense Ministry will receive from the aircraft 10 aircraft the most advanced modification of the Tu-160 M2, each worth 15 billion rubles.

However, the pilots wanted to hear from the President not only numbers, but also personal experience. “You in 2005, he personally piloted the bomber,” they voiced the conventional, but the President humbly said, “were Not flown, just sat side by side and with a finger touched”.

However, a portion of the emotions from Putin flight on Tu-160 still got it, and they, according to his confession, remain unforgettable. “Pilots can only envy, despite the fact that part of their life is associated with risk, it is an interesting work”, — said the GDP. The reaction of the owners not long in coming: they invited the President in a year or two to get back behind the wheel this time is already fully upgraded submarine.

However, it is possible that soon the Kazan plant will produce not only strategic bombers, and civil aircraft. Vladimir Putin proposed to return to the project of the supersonic passenger liner to use for this Tu-160.

“We need to make it a civilian version,” said the President, noting that this is required by the scale of the country: “we Have to Vladivostok to fly longer than to new York.” GDP recalled that the USSR had their own supersonic aircraft, the Tu — 144 was created in 60-ies at the same time British-French “Concord”. However, in contrast to the European liner, finished to fly in 2003, and commercial operation was short — only 7 months. Already in 1978, 16 built Tu-144 was almost at the dump.

Vladimir Putin believes that this was primarily for economic reasons — the “socialist” ticket price (although he treated the passengers in 1,5 times more expensive flight on a normal aircraft) did not cover operating costs. “But now the situation is different. There were large companies that could use supersonic aircraft for their needs,” — said the GDP.

Aircraft manufacturers have assured that the new and world’s only civilian supersonic aircraft can appear in Russia already in the foreseeable future — the project is in the development stage. By the way, the high-speed liner could be used not only businessmen, but also the President himself, who regularly flies to the far East, to China and other distant countries.

Very expensive: the expert appreciated the idea of Putin about the civil Tu-160


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