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Friday, April 13, 2018

Oral sex can lead to cancer: awareness of Russians is growing

About what a terrible human papilloma virus, do not know too many Russians. And yet is incomparably greater than it was ten years ago. To such conclusion scientists and sociologists from VTSIOM, which conducted a survey on how well compatriots know about the consequences of papillomavirus, including its relationship with several types of cancer.

photo: pixabay.com

That many cancers have a viral nature, the world appears more and more information. So, already long ago proved the link between human papillomavirus and development of cervical cancer (this virus detects 97-98% of cases), cancer of the penis, cancer of the throat, and ovaries, nasopharynx, tongue. Famous actor Michael Douglas publicly acknowledged that the basis of his terrible disease (cancer of the throat) lay his passion to oral sex, which led to the contamination of pharynx papillomaviruses…

January around the world held as the month of increasing osvedomlennosti about the human papillomavirus. And here the Russian VTSIOM conducted a survey among compatriots on the topic, as far as they are aware of that all of these papillomas on the body — not just. Polled 1,800 Russians of the 86 regions of the country.

As the Director of research VTSIOM Elena Mikhailova, in General, about HPV heard by 44% of respondents. Among women the percentage is much higher, and among females aged 25 to 34 years old he is the most high — 73%.

However, the ideas of Russians about how HPV is transmitted, rather confused. Even among those who heard about the virus, only 26% know that the virus is transmitted through sexual contact. The others are either wrong or do not know at all. Sad that few are aware of the risks, which are associated with the human papillomavirus. So, that it can cause cervical cancer, knows only 39% of women and only every fifth man. On the relationship of HPV and penile cancer and is aware of only 15% of men and 17% women, and the predisposition of infected to cancer of the throat you know only 13% of respondents.

If we talk about cervical cancer, heard 83% of Russians (among young people, alas, only 57%). However, the main method of prevention most of the respondents consider safe sexual behaviour, contraception or regular sexual partner. “In the UK study was conducted among girls aged 15-19, who started for the first time sex life. Watched him for three years, all this time they had one sexual partner. Of these, 46%, half are infected with HPV,” says a well-known pediatrician, chief child specialist in preventive medicine, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Leila Namazova-Baranova.

Meanwhile, the effectiveness is really a reliable method of prevention – the HPV vaccine — do you know only 24% of respondents (among men only 14%). “Treatment of cervical cancer is effective only in the early stages, emphasizes the Director of the Institute of Oncology and mammology of the fgbi “Centre of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology AK. V. I. Kulakov, academician Lev Ashrafyan. And every year in our country from cervical cancer die 1060 at the age of 16-30 years. All in all, from cervical cancer die every year 6 thousand women. To alignment: maternal mortality, about which so much is said, is 180-200 cases per year. Of course, it is better to deal with prevention”.

– Today, people are informed about HPV so much better than 10 years ago, when this awareness was demonstrated, not all doctors, says Professor of the Department of obstetrics and gynecology of the medical faculty sbei HPE “Moscow medical-stomatological University. A. I. Evdokimov” Galina Minkin. – Need to know: there is no treatment for human papillomavirus does not exist. Although gynecologists sometimes impose the ladies some drugs which are actively lobbying for pharmaceutical companies. Remember — the drugs in the virus is useless!”


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