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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Why visit Sobchak in the United States favorable to Putin

There is a brief but very succinct joke. Riot police broke up a demonstration sadomasochists. And they both got great pleasure. The upcoming visit of the presidential candidate of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak in America is, in my opinion, the story from the same series. Stay in the “den” of the main enemies of Putin’s Russia intends only one of the Board. But “fun” – or, rather, specific political gain – to get herself Madam Sobchak and its official political opponents of the Kremlin.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In this case we are not talking about the fact that Ksenia Sobchak – “fake” candidate, just mimic the fierce struggle with Putin. We are talking about the more subtle and ambiguous form of “political cohabitation” – the symbiosis, and about the objective coincidence of interests. Defiantly breaking all the official rules and regulations of the modern Russian political regime, the candidate Sobchak reinforces not only itself, but also cursed its regime.

Here’s how, in my opinion, it works. Go on a friendly visit to the “American imperialists” is a sure way to commit political suicide for almost any current candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation. However, to Ksenia Sobchak is not the case. Her visit promises a benefit. I suspect even what the ability to make such foreign political trips has become one of the underlying reasons for a decision Sobchak to run for President.

The Russian political elite perceives inertia Ksenia Sobchak as the brash young girl who is temporarily out of the role of a glamorous socialite. But the Madam Sobchak, I feel that her previous sphere of activity pretty fed up. The candidate in presidents of Russia considers that it has grown and matured. Sobchak doesn’t want to be “Russian Kim Kardashian”. Sobchak wants to be “the Russian Hillary Clinton” – a serious politician, to whom no smirks are abroad. Kseniya A. craves recognition and respect from the public, which until recently was not in her “target audience” – boring, not very fashionable and stylishly dressed, but influential men and women of the Western ruling elite.

Sobchak intends “to capitalize on” the status of the candidate in presidents of Russia officially recognised criticise Putin on behalf of the Russian liberal camp. Sobchak hopes that this status will allow her to enter the door on the West, which had previously been closed to her. And this calculation should recognize absolutely correct.

No matter what Russian politicians who remember the previous incarnation of Sobchak, still treat her with slight disdain. In the world of Western political research institutes ” the competitor to Putin,” Sobchak will accept with respect. And it is ingenious the Board intends, in turn, convert to strengthen their political position within the liberal segment of Russian society Say, look, there I’m treated with respect. Maybe you should start treats me seriously?

Of course, modern Russian society consists not only and not so much from the liberals. And beyond that segment our audience to visit Sobchak in a country that is strangling Russia sanctions will be dramatically, you can even say, aggressive critical. But Sobchak goes for it with “openly”. The criticism, scandals, and hatred she’s used to it. Ksenia, apparently, refers to the type of people who gets confrontational fun. If to speak about the applied policy, Sobchak is interested in strengthening its positions only within the liberal segment of Russian society. And in the eyes of the inhabitants of this segment of the visit of the opposition presidential candidate in America is in any case not a “betrayal”, and quite a bold, daring, intelligent and noble.

There are, of course, also the Kremlin is the main Russian political force, which makes “ATA-TA” opposition to any policy, including Sobchak. But the Kremlin has no real reason to feel this desire. Power is objectively the best insulation and isolation of the liberal segment of society. The government realizes that for her, this segment has long been “sliced loaf”, where she did not Shine, even if just to make Herculean efforts. And if so, then why go through this effort? A much more reasonable political strategy – the maximal marginalization of this segment, its ideological separation from all other Russian public groups. If Sobchak, unwittingly or not, help the authorities to solve this problem, then why do the authorities punish her?

No reason, absolutely no reason. From the point of view of power, Ksenia Sobchak, you just have to provide complete freedom of action and she will do everything herself: and his political career will build and Bulk in the process “will make the agenda”, and will ease the Kremlin the decision of other political tasks. Someone from this bad — except for the Bulk, to strengthen the political influence of which in the Kremlin do not intend? Known to the Russian liberal idea of “health” which does not improve from absolutely sincere and well-intentioned attempts Xenia anatolevny her “cure”. But art requires sacrifice! Building a political career of Ksenia Sobchak — also.

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