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Friday, April 20, 2018

Putin surprised photo of Vladimir Vysotsky with a Teddy bear

In their speeches, Vladimir Vysotsky is often requested to be included in the hall light. “We’re not a concert in the Kremlin, there I still not allowed,” he said. In honor of the 80th anniversary of singer, actor and poet justice is done twice: a play about it will show in the Kremlin Palace, and the owner of the KremlinVladimir Putin – on the eve of memorable dates went on an excursion to the House of Vysotsky, who the President is now on the street named in honor of the poet.

About the sincere interest of the President to the works of Vladimir Vysotsky, who in the latest ranking of the idols of the last century, the Russians put on the second place after Gagarin, has long been known. In 2003, when the country celebrated the 65th anniversary of the birthday of the poet, and GDP has completed his first term, he visited the theatre on Taganka. Director Yuri Lyubimov showed the head of the head of state theatrical costumes Vysotsky, and his son Nikita – precious notebook with autographs of his songs the last two or three years of life.

Putin then admitted that the songs of Vysotsky, passionately wanted, but due to the huge demand could not easily get to the performance about Vysotsky, who placed the andirons, and with great interest watched the show “Live Vysotsky”, the footage for which the film crew going around the world.

The first wife of Vladimir Semenovich and his mother, two sons, Ludmila Abramova – after this conversation, said to the media that he did not feel hypocrisy in the words of the President. “I believe that he is, indeed, interesting paintings, and the era about which Vladimir was able to tell you,” she said.

Today Lyudmila Abramova is 78 years old, Arkady Vysotsky – 55 and Nikita – 53. They are all on the eve of the death anniversary was met Putin at the Vysotsky House, located a few steps from the theatre on Taganka. Unlike other similar institutions, this Museum is a real national project.

In 1987, the Soviet culture Foundation has opened a charity account to raise funds for its creation: there came private transfers citizens, fees from concerts and evenings of memory, the mother of Vladimir Semenovich gave his part of the State prize of the USSR, received a posthumous son. Across the country and collected the exhibits. Today, the House of Vysotsky stored thousands of items connected with the poet – his childhood toys, letters, school notebooks, autographs, personal belongings and, of course, the artistic heritage – recordings of performances, records, poems …

photo: kremlin.ru

By the way, Putin once demonstrated that she has good material. When in 2016, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev returned from the forum in Davos, where they were attacked by NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg and the leader of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the GDP met his quote from the song Vysotsky “Honour of a chess Queen”. “I bared biceps inadvertently, even made to be sure a jacket. This Vysotsky not about you singing?” — joked the President. And two months later gave Trutnev on the 60th anniversary rare – self-published a book of Vysotsky, explaining that the continuation of the quote is also suitable for the situation in Davos: “In the hall became quiet… He noticed that I stood up. You, in my opinion, just up there!”

However, this time Putin their knowledge not publicly discovered, and silently listened to the stories. Nikita Vysotsky, who has headed the Museum since its opening, showed the President’s favorite photo of his father. On it Vladimir Semenovich depicted in the age of 3-4 years in an embrace with a Teddy bear. “Character is already recognizable,” – said the son. For the anniversary exhibition of the Amateur card has increased, and Putin was surprised, how it is made: “the Quality is so good! Very interesting Museum you have succeeded!”

Lyudmila Abramova took the role of guide in “the Cabinet of Vysotsky” is the name of the room, where he restored the interior of the apartment on Malaya Gruzinskaya street, where from 1975 to 1980, the city the poet lived. The situation, frankly, the most simple – a homemade bookshelves, a couch, a wardrobe and a Desk full of cluttered… Nikita told about the plans for further development of the Museum, in particular, about the desire to create “the hall where the song will be the showpiece”. “In our country there is no competition for original songs for young people, it would be possible to organize it using your opportunities. And I could have this with grant to edfinancial” – supported GDP.

Earlier Putin has helped the Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky to be on the street named after him. It happened three years ago, when the “direct line” the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov has publicly lamented that the memory of the iconic figure of the twentieth century are still not immortalized in the Moscow toponymy. (Supposedly not enough time has passed since the death). Putin then replied that it was, of course, wrong, “with all their creativity Vysotsky deserve to be in his honor was named one of the streets of the capital.”

Needless to say that after a month the long-awaited decision was taken and the street where the House of Vladimir Vysotsky, was to bear his name. “They say that the classics become in a hundred years. But I think he’s a classic now,” said the poet’s son. Any objections to Putin about this, of course, was not….


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