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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Putin has promised a harsh kiss the worker of the Ufa and deceived

Vladimir Putin considers it a worthy alternative to awards that the factories had received in Soviet times, kiss the President. “Let me kiss you better!” he said the Adjuster Viktor Bogomolov in response to his request to return the honorary insignia advanced enterprises. The conversation with workers took place during a visit to Ufa the President of “United engine Corporation”, which produces engines for most aircraft.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Putin assured that this year’s decline in defense procurement is not expected, however, by 2025, to stay afloat, defense companies will need to produce at least 30% of civilian products.

– Sometimes I can’t believe we managed to organize a production of this level, – Putin admitted after walked around the shops of the Ufa plant. The workers were pleased with the praise, but, apparently, felt that this is not enough.

– Is it possible to return to the Soviet tradition to award commemorative medals and orders? asked the service engineer Viktor Bogomolov.

President this unexpected request had clearly caught off guard.

– Let me kiss you just – finally found it. But, as was then told “MK” Bogomolov himself, promises not fulfilled – only hugged and shook hands.

– Maybe because all around us were beautiful girls – suggested work.

His reluctance to return to the Soviet tradition, Putin explained her bad reputation. “The analysis showed that despite the medals, the productivity is not increased, and the results not getting any better. Therefore, it was canceled in Soviet times, replacing the personal encouragement of distinguished employees,” reminded the GDP. Now labor groups receive only diplomas and gratitude of the President.

Knowing what medals they do not wait for, the workers asked what would happen with the state defense order. The company has a rumor that this year their volume has decreased significantly.

– Anything similar, – assured the President. According to him, last year in the figure were included the amount that has earmarked the Ministry of defence for paying off the accumulated debt. The debt is now repaid and the financing of state defense orders remained at the same level. “There is no downside as there was no growth last year,” again to be sure, repeated the GDP, Your engines are very necessary. There is a program of gosoboronzakaza until 2027, and on it you will be working.”

However, at the meeting at the plant revealed that, although the engines of the country really needs, the peak of the state order in the military sphere will be completed in 2020, and to stay afloat, everyone, without exception, companies will have to produce civilian products.

– By 2025, its share should be 35% of the total production, and by 2030 – 50% – said the President, noting that this is not about pots and pans in 90-e years, and on high-tech and competitive samples. “No greenhouse conditions (producers) to create should not be”, – added GDP.

While progress in diversification, frankly, are small. As an example, the meeting was called drilling rigs, protective clothing for oil industry workers and equipment for medical and pharmaceutical industry.

“Concern Kalashnikov, being under sanctions, increased production of civilian firearms, drones and river boats”, – said the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov. However, the majority of defense enterprises, he said, is still under the illusion that a high volume of public procurement will be saved forever. To stimulate, officials propose to encroach on the annual bonuses of top managers.

“If there is no growth in the production of civilian goods, the premium will decline, despite the implementation of the master plan,” – said Chemezov. And assistant to the President for economic Affairs Andrei Belousov advised not to be sentimental: if for non-defense contracts can plant, for the failure of plans to diversify need to completely deprive of the award.

Putin himself believes that at least in the first stage, the demand for civilian products of military factories should support the government. This will be generated “starting orders”, requiring state-owned companies and state-owned enterprises instead of imported equipment to buy Russian counterparts produced in the framework of the conversion.

The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov has offered to go even further and install for the purchase of civilian products of the defense industry of permanent quota by analogy with procurement from small businesses. The Governor of the Tula region, the former security guard of the President Alexey Dyumin, the introduction of which has been the largest defence companies, two arms supported these proposals. “The hardest part is production. In order for him to go, need long-term contracts for a period of 3-5 years”, – he said.


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