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Monday, February 19, 2018

Called the danger posed by the clean air

An international group of researchers came to the conclusion that the cleansing of the air of several pollutants of the environment will bring more harm than good: scientists suggest that in the current environment it can significantly speed up global warming.

photo: pixabay.com

The team, which included scientists from the UK, USA, Norway and Germany, analyzed several scenarios involving the disappearance of the Earth’s atmosphere its polluting aerosols such as sulfates. As it turned out, this will accelerate global warming, since these substances absorb part of the solar radiation. This will be particularly noticeable if we take into account the large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. According to weather experts, when you try to clear the air the world’s average temperature will rise quickly to 0.5-1.1 degrees, which can greatly affect many regions.

Scientists presented the results of their study on the scientific publication Geophysical Research Letters.

Aerosols – tiny particles of solid or liquid substances present in the air or gas in suspension. In the atmosphere aerosols can get both natural and artificial means. The main sources of artificial aerosol air pollution are thermal power stations that consume coal of high ash content, beneficiation plant, metallurgy, cement, magnesite and soot plants.

Recently another group of scientists criticized a few more “exotic” way of dealing with environmental problems is not to clean the air and add to it a large number of sulfur dioxide. Such a measure, as stated, really would lead to the slowing of global warming around the world (with the exception of the Amazon, where on the contrary it will accelerate), but then mankind will have to throw away huge quantities of this substance into the air every year, otherwise the climate will change much faster than previously.

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