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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The crisis in the government of the United States: thousands of civil servants back to work

After fierce negotiations in the Senate of the United States government resumed work. Previously, government agencies had to send in a furlough thousands of employees due to the fact that the Democrats and Republicans in the higher chamber of Congress were unable to agree on the budget. Now the same Congress was given another reprieve: to reach a compromise on the disputed articles of the government spending they can until the 8th of February, while public institutions will continue their work.

The news can not please President Donald trump: because of the “shutdown” (eng. shutdown — close, stop) threatened his trip to the world economic forum in Davos, Switzerland. But in the end, the White house confirmed the participation of the President in the event. However, the first lady Melanie to accompany her husband refused.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

“After lengthy discussions, proposals and counter-proposals, the Republican leader and I agreed. Today we will vote for the continuation of the work of the government and budget negotiations” — shared with reporters, Senate minority leader Charles Schumer. Now the agreement for a continuance until February 8 should be approved in the House of representatives and signed by the President, although this is rather a formal procedure.

Due to the shutdown of the government, a big question was the visit trump at the world economic forum in Davos, because this trip is funded from the budget, which — alas — is still not approved. But after reaching an agreement in the Senate, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders announced that a presidential delegation will travel to Davos. First lady Melania refused to accompany her husband, citing inconsistencies in the schedule.

A leave of absence of civil servants lasted only three days, and most of it fell on the weekend. Given that this was the nineteenth “shutdown” in the history of the Federal government of the United States, the state got off easy. Under Obama, the Executive government was paralyzed for 17 days, under Clinton pause lasted a record 21 days. However, for the first time this happens, when the majority in both houses of Congress belong to one party — the Republicans — and the President is its candidate. The fact that even with these “good cards” on hand, members of Congress are unable to agree, significant.

The stumbling block was the issue of children of illegal migrants. In America there is a program DACA, which protects teenagers caught in the US at the age of 16 from deportation after reaching this age, that is actually gives them legal status. Such children in the United States, called a generation of “dreamers”. Many of them speak English better than their native language, went to school or work.

Trump, who promised to deal with illegal migration, this threatened to cancel the program. Democrats in Congress insist on keeping costs in the budget (in addition to all the other “dreamers” were given medical insurance and social security). It is because of this bill, the government had to suspend the work. Senate Republicans promised to revisit the program, and it is not excluded that thanks to the efforts of the Democrats it will in one form or another saved. To come to an agreement on this issue, Congress needs to 8 February, otherwise civil servants will have to go on another unplanned vacation.


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