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Friday, February 16, 2018

New exchange in the Donbas, Savchenko told who will release in February

In mid-February, Donetsk and Kiev are going to hold a regular exchange of prisoners with the freedom of a total of about 160 people. In DND it was officially stated Commissioner for human rights Daria Morozova, and from Kiev with “MK” shared information Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko. Most likely, the Russians will not fall under the exchange, but from the torture chamber can leave the soldiers of “Berkut”.

A frame from the video.

According to Morozova, in February the Donetsk is going to rescue from captivity Ukrainian 84 people. In this regard, an official in the breakaway Republic calls on relatives of Ukrainian prisoners to contact her for clarification of data. The Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Georgy Tuka also said that the exchange could take place if not in February then in March. In his opinion, this will push, including the head of Russia Vladimir Putin that it is important to do just before the election.

Recall the previous exchange took place on 27 December 2017, and although he was the first in a year and a half, ended in a major scandal. The Ukrainian side was to free the 306 people in exchange of 74 prisoners of the DNI and LC. However, the contact line crossed only 233 people on one side and 73 on the other. Already at the checkpoint, where he agreed to release people, it turned out that someone from the Ukrainian prisoners who received a pardon, refused to leave the territory of the breakaway republics, and someone simply deleted from lists. Including the exchange did not get convicted for particularly serious articles and Russians.

Anyway, this time the list of prisoners with the Ukrainian side will be approximately equal to the list Morozova as the Dec Kiev declared “154 held hostage”. Among others, they have to release the three members of the elite 3rd Kirovohrad special forces regiment. They were captured in 2014, and since then, their relatives were the recognized leaders of the Ukrainian social movement for the liberation of the prisoners.

Of the famous civil prison in Donetsk remained a journalist, “Zn” and the Kiev edition of radio “Freedom” Stanislav Aseev. He was arrested in the early summer of 2017, his name regularly popped up in all meetings of the humanitarian sub-group in Minsk, but the DNR is unwilling to give it. In Donetsk claim they’re looking for when the court will render judgment against him for espionage, but according to rumors, the delay associated with Aseeva unwillingness to admit his guilt. In addition, the lists should get a doctor Elena Lazareva and entrepreneur Andrew Kuchmuradov accused of Donetsk, in cooperation with SBU. According to relatives, read grateful video message they advised the lawyer recommended by the MGB. “Said that it would be a quick court verdict and the exchange!” – sparingly commented on the source of the “MK” in Donetsk.

Lists from the self-proclaimed republics line up is no less complicated. No wonder Daria Morozova called relatives “turn to the Ombudsman for verification of personal data of prisoners”. The experience of the last exchange, when more than 60 people at the last moment refused to go to Donetsk and Lugansk, there are many to attend to.

Ukraine is in custody “in reserve” are citizens of Russia, the soldiers of “Berkut”, sitting still for the events on the Maidan, who were arrested after may 2, 2014 “Odessa”. All of them, and all charged with serious crimes, are still on exchange are not taken out.

Now not publicly, the Ukrainian government is trying to decide who to “give” with minimal political complications. “The exchange will be in the near future, he should be held before mid-February – expressed his point of view “MK” the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Hope Savchenko and I think that Poroshenko does not want to advertise the lists, because there are agreements on those they promised not to give, perhaps for the “Golden eagles” or the like. I think that out of this exchange by far will remain the Russians, who are prepared only to exchange Ukrainian prisoners in Russia. Otherwise, accurate information on the list you now no one can say. There is bargaining for the people!”

Lists of Russians in Ukrainian prisons have two – one on 15 names, and one with 24. Both has MC and knows that “15” is recognized by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Russians also prepare a legally. Accelerated by the courts in the case of a contractor of the 4th infantry brigade of the people’s militia of the DPR Victor Ageev. The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office ceased to call him contractor of the Russian army and his court took lightning form, meetings are almost every week. “We go to the next court session on January 24, reported “MK” the lawyer Viktor Ageyev Chevguz. – To be able to convert my client server it needs to obtain sentence and is due to expire the month of the appeal on the verdict. So I’m not surprised with the pace of the court.”

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