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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The killer’s “Stealth”: new Russian radars perfectly sees the stealth aircraft

“Russian design to make the “stealth” technology is inefficient, can be used to create a Single (United) system of air and missile defense of the CSTO,” said the head of the CSTO joint staff Anatoly Sidorov at the end of the visit at the research center “Resonance”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Photo: ShinePhantom.

The delegation of the CSTO United headquarters, which included representatives of the defense ministries of all member States of the CSTO, visited on the eve of the Scientific research center “Resonance” and got acquainted with the performance characteristics of the Russian radar station “Resonance-ne” and the experience of its combat use.

Deputy Director of the research centre doctor of technical Sciences Alexander Sherbinka, talking about the development — “the killer” stealth technology “stealth”, explained that the basis for the operation of the station is the principle resonance of the reflection of radio waves from radars. This leads to a sharp increase in the effective reflecting surface of the aircraft made by technology “stealth”, which become visible to Russian radar station “Resonance-ne”

The chief of the CSTO joint staff Anatoly Sidorov noted that this weapon might be interesting in light of the establishment by 2020 of a Single (United) system of air and missile defense of the CSTO, as well as in the protection on a single design and plan.

As explained “MK” in the joint staff of the CSTO, at the moment created a Single (unified) regional air defense system in the Eastern European and the Caucasus region of collective security. In the Central Asian region the work is conducted mainly on a bilateral basis. Signed and ratified the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Work is underway to conclude similar agreements with the Kyrgyz Republic and Republic of Tajikistan. The completion of the joint air defense system in the Central Asian region of collective security is a key condition for further development and integration in the field of air and missile defense within the framework of the CSTO.


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