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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saakashvili intimidated the judges that the opposition helped the new dirt on Poroshenko

Kiev judge again failed to meet expectations of the Ukrainian authorities: the capital administrative court of appeal partially satisfied the petition of lawyers of Saakashvili for the disqualification of judges and referred the case to the court of cassation. Thus, the attempts of the Prosecutor General was transferred home to ex-President of Georgia immediately after the court decision on liquidation of the status of refugee is not destined to be realized. Thus, the former head of Georgia and Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili won another victory over the ruling elite of Ukraine, which can not expel him from the country.

Photo: facebook.comMikheil Saakashvili.

The morning of 22 January was not Saakashvili promised nothing good. Kyiv court of appeal had to consider an appeal of the management of GMS of Ukraine in its decision of depriving the ex-President of Georgia refugee status. According to the disgraced politician, thus the authorities want as quickly as possible to deport him to Georgia, where he will have to serve in prison for 3 years on charges of abuse of presidential powers. As you know, lawyers Saakashvili was planning to challenge the decision of the GMS on January 29, but the representatives of the power block apparently decided to forestall themselves making an appeal.

The former head of Georgia adopted another challenge. To the courthouse he went surrounded by hundreds of his supporters, who chanted “Misha, victory!” and were holding flags of Ukraine and banned in Russia “Right sector”. The meeting began with the attacks of Saakashvili at the President: the leader of the “movement new forces,” said Poroshenko illegally crossed the border, going to relax on the Maldives under the pseudonym Petro Incognito. Saakashvili stressed that his former friend not only left Ukraine on a false passport, in violation of the Constitution at the time of his absence is not handed to anyone in-chief powers.

Recall, according to Ukrainian media, Poroshenko went to the Maldives on 1 January. Christmas party on the Islands cost the Ukrainian leader about 500 thousand dollars. However, neither Poroshenko nor his entourage did not deny the scandalous allegations, on the contrary, the Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko called all critics of the President “scary and hateful” to her by the leftists.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of year it already the third thrown in mass-media the compromising evidence against the President of Ukraine. The first two published “Rustavi 2” and “Al Jazeera”, which told about the promise Poroshenko not to harm Russia, in 2007, and how his team helped Viktor Yanukovych to steal from the state budget 1.5 billion dollars.

Against this background information very few people want to provoke the opposition, therefore, Saakashvili began to scare judges. In particular, he stated that their decision against him was already made in the administration of the President. According to him, as soon as Poroshenko returned from the Maldives to Kiev, he first of all asked what’s up with judicial Affairs at Saakashvili.

After that, the supporters of the former President of Georgia and Odessa region began to shout “Shame!” and he said that as soon as the judges will announce pre-written on a piece of paper the decision, OPG Poroshenko will suffer the fate of an organized criminal group of Yanukovych. Judges became nervous, and without explanation left the room.

But that was not the end of Saakashvili’s speech. Looking around, he noticed that the representatives of the prosecution did not stand up when the judge left the hall. “It’s not the Ukrainians! The enemies of Ukraine!” cried the politician, finally making a place of judgment into a tribune to denounce the ruling regime. After some time, the judge came back into the room and said that they will not make a decision in the case of Saakashvili. After some discussion, they decided to send the case to the level of cassation. In the result, the next time disgraced politician can be judged by other judges.

“MK” has found out from experts whether the regime still Saakashvili to expel from its territory:

Konstantin Bondarenko, head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics”:

— The confrontation went too far for the two former friends, but I am sure that Poroshenko will not fall that low and will not send Saakashvili in Georgia. Moreover, according to Ukrainian legislation it will be required to send in the country where the immigrant arrived, and he crossed the border of the state through the territory of Poland. There is still the Netherlands, where the family opposition, ready to take the former President of Georgia. In the end, Saakashvili is unable to stand up the USA. He has to go, and for Poroshenko, he is more irritant, but not a dangerous competitor.

Vadim Karasev, the head of the Institute of global strategies:

— The court has decided to deport Saakashvili and only waiting for the right moment to announce the verdict. Today was quite a good moment, but the story emerged with the release of Poroshenko. Of course, in such a situation citizens will accuse the government of violation of human rights. And to explain why it was made this hard decision, it will be difficult, so consideration of the case left until better times.


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