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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Legalized cohabitation: “Get a notebook, write down five years in a row”

Good thing, as we know, can not be called marriage. However, extramarital relationships, to be honest, the case is also not too good. But there is reason to put between them an equal sign?

photo: pixabay.com

Russian Senator Anton Belyakov has submitted to Parliament a draft law, which aims to give long-term joint cohabitation between a man and a woman official legal status of “de facto relationship”. Simply put, he proposes to equalize cohabitation and marriage. Innovator believes that in Russia people do not see the difference between official and unofficial marriage, so the legal line should be erased.

If the proposal is adopted and becomes law, the Russian law will be a special term: “de facto relationship”. To be in this status, you will need to live together for five years, and the birth of the General child — only two years.

The status of “de facto marital relationships”, as planned by the entrepreneur, should be equated with formally concluded marriage and become the subject of family and civil law. In practice, this would mean that, after living together for five — not a day less! years or two, but with a child, parties will be able to claim division of joint property or — more sad — his inheritance.

Of course, in some ways it is good. But the questions remain. For example, what date will be considered the accommodation of the joint. Since that day, when the mistress or common-law partner will notice in the stairwell neighbors, they are the same in the future witnesses in court, or, for example, from the date of purchase of the sofa? The couch, of course, it is safer — you never know what neighbors can bryaknut! And purchase receipt — this is the document. And, importantly, with the date. But I guess the furniture will be in its right only if it is paid for with a credit card registered in one name, and take the goods to the address of residence of the other party? After all, how else to prove that the purchased intended for cohabitation?

Or here’s another turn of events… family currently Lives, lives grieves, and suddenly the doorbell rang: “Hello, I come to you to live forever!”. And it turns out, knocked exactly five years, as a husband or wife is having relations on the side, and now their affair became a scandal, and not just with swords drawn, and with the right weaning of the housing. Why not? All the law! The actual marriage was? Was! Vaughn and neighbors testify. And now we fled. So, that part of the housing, which belongs to the mistress or lover, should be shared equally. And will eventually begovat in the same apartment if good love triangle, and then — with a loving husband or wife (and if both?) — absolutely fantastic polygon.

Generally, of course, it’s good that senators think about strengthening the family. It is bad that I think kind of funny. There would be first brought to perfection those relationships that are already registered in the registry office. And for this you need only do: to provide, for example, all your family members protection from family violence, to resolve the mechanism of binding of actual payment of the alimony children divorce their parents, and most importantly, solve probably the most mass problem — to provide families purchase their own homes is not at such prices and under such interest after which is not something that the bear does not want to live. After all, if married to love each other people will be easier than in informal, they will run to register their relationships. And not have the neighbors to get a notebook and record as much as five years in a row: came in today a roommate in the next apartment did not come. And not a bad whim, and for great purpose: to confirm then “de facto relationship”.

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