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Saturday, February 17, 2018

In China to combat insomnia have created a “smart bed”

Chinese experts said they were able to develop a “smart” bed that allows people to fall asleep faster and sleep better, while taking up very little space when the owner is awake.

photo: pixabay.com

When a particular item called “smart”, it usually means that he is able to adjust to the wants and needs of its owner, which it does not require any or almost no effort. In a relatively recent time, various experts have created not only a “smart” appliances, but also watches and clothing and even shoes. Submitted by the experts bed in this category, as reported, allows that it automatically changes the stiffness and atomizes essential oil, help people to sleep. In addition, it is able to vibrate, providing useful for back massage, according to developers. Moreover, when you click on the mobile bed for half a minute “turns” in the closet.

The benefits of healthy sleep is dedicated to a lot of different studies. Lack of sleep makes people more prone to risk and even to the development of alcoholism and may adversely affect the figure as indirectly (sleepy people often eat more than enough sleep) and right (sometimes lack of sleep negatively affects the microflora of the intestine). There is also evidence that regular lack of sleep increases the likelihood of developing dementia in old age. Also, in some scientific papers it is argued that people pay insufficient amount of time to sleep can almost literally “fall asleep on the go” in the middle of the day, even if he himself think he’s quite cheerful. According to scientists, this may lead to an emergency situation, if the person on second will fall into a “slumber” while driving.

While scholars there is no unanimous opinion as to whether it is possible to “compensate” the lack of sleep on weekdays, with additional time devoted to sleep during the weekend.

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