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Monday, February 19, 2018

Belarus and Ukraine have divided the weapons and measles

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the country is ready to strengthen control on the border with Ukraine and the Baltic States to make such a decision it made growing tensions and the risk of terrorist threats and contraband. Why Belarus is committed to close by nearest neighbors, “MK” said the analyst.

A frame from the video.

Ukrainian and Baltic state borders of Belarus will be a new formation of the border, and infrastructure on the borders and border areas will increase. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko approved the decision on the protection of the state border. Now among the main objectives was the prevention of illegal penetration in Belarus terrorists, extremists, and move the use of terror, extremist or other criminal activity; preventing the illegal movement into the country of contraband goods and other goods; the fight against illegal migration and drug trafficking; capacity of the infrastructure at the border and border area – this reports the Belarusian edition. > > >

As explained “MK” political scientist Oleg Nemensky, a member of the Russian Institute for strategic studies, in the present situation, this decision seems to be justified.

Continue to the border regime with Ukraine was caused by the alleged friendly relations countries in the CIS and the fact that there has not been military action. However, today’s Ukraine is of great migration and the danger of war in relation to the nearest neighbors. First, on its territory military operations are conducted. Second, poorly functioning state and security and the legal system, as well as over-the-top corruption is allowed to spread weapons throughout the country and among the population. Low standard of living leads to the fact that many seek to travel abroad for work, including to Belarus, and it is mostly illegal labour migrants. I think all of Ukraine’s neighbors one way or another interested in the fact that the border was more durable. In addition, Ukraine has adopted the law on the restoration of sovereignty in the Donbass, which involves only the escalation of hostilities in the East of the country. It should also be noted the degradation of the health system, where there began the epidemic diseases, which in the 21st century we have forgotten: a great example recent cases of measles, – explained the analyst.

According to him, the Baltic countries, Belarus is unlikely to face a serious threat, but the decision is taken immediately across the border. If the border with Poland and so well equipped, and the border with Russia can not be strengthened for political reasons, here the border with Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia is now fraught with the greatest dangers.


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