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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Saakashvili gave his last will and Testament of Ukrainians in case of his extradition

“I wouldn’t want to see me on Tuesday was loaded into the aircraft and sent to an unknown direction… I’d rather be in prison in Ukraine,” — Mikhail Saakashvili again calls on its supporters to mobilize. On Monday in Kiev the court of Appeal must render a decision on depriving the ex-President of Georgia the status of “temporarily residing in Ukraine”, which will give the possibility to extradite him to his homeland. In this connection the leader of the “movement of new forces” renewed their attack on those in power and campaigning of the people January 22 to come to court to prevent his deportation.

photo: social networks

On Saturday, the Georgian Prosecutor’s office released a statement saying that Tbilisi is waiting for a final decision of Kiev on the issue of extradition of ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. According to a member of the Prosecutorial Council of Georgia Natia Songulashvili, the Ukrainian side had sent all the necessary documents and evidence, which is sufficient for a positive decision on his extradition. But while Saakashvili’s legally resides in the Square, it was transferred to Tbilisi is difficult. This problem should be solved, and on Monday the Appellate court in Kiev, appointed early consideration of the status of the leader of the “movement of new forces.”

Mikheil Saakashvili eased after the New year their activity and made a number of attempts to “make peace” with Poroshenko, realized the futility of this activity and again went on the attack. Still, after all at stake this time — the real possibility of losing freedom. If it will be sent to Tbilisi, where certainly no one will take him away from the police. In Kiev — the situation is tense, especially after the public once again learned about the entertainment of their President. While people were freezing in a poorly heated apartments, the Square head warming his belly in the Maldives, spending their new year holidays half a million dollars. In a letter to their colleagues, Saakashvili did not miss the opportunity to remind you about “Maldives voyage” Poroshenko. According to the leader of the “movement of new forces”, the courts are against him intensified because the President of Ukraine, after returning from vacation, the first thing he asked: “How are things with Saakashvili?” They say, severely hampered Mikheil Poroshenko. “I’m pale, no matter what the Maldives do not go, I have no passport, and even in the train from Odessa to not put”, — appealed to the “class hatred,” Saakashvili said, calling on people to demonstrate to the court of appeals on Monday.

But apparently implacable opposition understands that this time can result in not rosy. On Sunday, he posted on the social network his “Testament”: the rough outline for the film under the title “rebuilding the Ukraine.” Nothing to say, beat on the sick with tenderness and enthusiasm saying what a beautiful country Ukraine is, and what her ambitious economic and tourism opportunities. Told like can flourish with the city of Chernivtsi, if he is to rebuild a new airport, able to revive the Poltava and Zaporizhia in betting on the revival of folk traditions, as a cost-explode South of Ukraine, if they start to grow wine grapes. And about Odessa, which has become a global “hub” on the Black sea, and there is no question. Sometimes these predictions word for word resembled “new vasyukovskaya impromptu” Ostap Bender: “to Odessa To go high-speed train, which in just two and a half hours will take you from Kiev to the Black sea. The modern route will link Kiev and Bucharest via Odessa.” People in social networks I read and wept bitterly: “What a honest, energetic person… You are our Hercules…” he Understood that under the current government, all this is a pipe dream. As guardian of the interests of the Ukrainian and look taken.

Who this time will replay Poroshenko, Saakashvili, or Vice versa?

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