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Sunday, February 25, 2018

“Olive branch” Erdogan: Turkish tanks entered Syrian Afrin

The outbreak in Syria of a Turkish military operation — hardly appropriate for fighting called “Olive branch” — led to the first victims. As a result of airstrikes on the Syrian city of Afrin has killed at least nine people — according to local Kurdish, six of them were civilians. In the Turkish General staff, in turn, claim that all the dead are terrorists. On the first day of “operation Olive branch”, January 20, the Turkish air force struck 108 targets. To fighting and joined the army — they are, according to the Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim of, entered Afrin on January 21.

photo: balkaneu.com

At the same time it became known that the Syrian territory on the Turkish town of Kilis has been subjected to three missile attack: two persons suffered.

As stated by Yildirim, “operation Olive branch” will be held in four stages — until the destruction of all terrorist organizations in the North of Syria and the establishment there of a 30-kilometer security zone.

The main enemy of the Turkish forces in the current operations — Kurdish “people’s protection Units” (OEF) based in the border Syrian territory. In Ankara believe that this group linked to the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), declared in Turkey as terrorist. ONS your relationship with the PKK deny, but we know that they are part of the coalition, “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS). It is the Union of the Arab and Kurdish groups supported by the Americans and with their help liberated a large part of Syria against the “Islamic state” (IG terrorist organization and banned in Russia. — “MK”).

The US and Turkey, in turn, have alliances within NATO. However, Ankara has repeatedly made clear that he considers the destruction of the Kurdish forces of a national security issue, and therefore, to listen to the opinions of Americans in this matter is not going.

Concern is the fact that the United States, as it became known, intend to create on the border with Turkey territories in Syria, the formation of 30 thousand people. Half of them will be the soldiers of the SDS, including Kurds from the ONS. Their task will include patrolling the borders to prevent terrorists from ISIS again leaked in Syria. The initiative of Washington has caused a strong reaction of the Turkish President Erdogan. “The United States recognized that building an army of terror at our borders, — he fell to the allies. We must stifle these efforts before they succeed”. “The name of this army — the army of traitors, continued with Erdogan. This 30-thousand army will direct their weapons at the Americans at the first opportunity”.

Apparently, this is an American initiative, the US pushed the Turkish leadership at the beginning of the operation in ‘ afrīn and Manbij. Anyway, the press Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin hastened to declare that it is not directed against the United States. “The Americans initially said that Afrin is not in the scope of their interests. Afrin is a matter of national security of Turkey, quoted by Turkish news Agency Anadolu. — That is the main mechanism influencing the decision-making is the national security of Turkey, not the US or other countries.”


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