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Friday, February 16, 2018

Krasnoyarsk Krai goes to the start

Alexander USS is a politician in the Krasnoyarsk territory are known. For almost two decades he stood at the head of the Legislative Assembly of the region, having survived in his post for five governors. And here is the will of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in September last year he was in the seat of the head of the region. However, in the position of “acting”, but in Russia, as you know, there is nothing more permanent than temporary. So Alexander now in the role of “chief Executive” will have to solve tasks and problems to which he did not once as an MP pointed out to the authorities. What course, in his opinion, should take Krasnoyarsk Krai in the near future, our newspaper during a visit in edition “MK” he told himself.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— Alexander Viktorovich, you almost two decades headed the legislative body of the region. And then stood at the head of the Executive branch. Very different responsibilities, familiar with a new role?

Three months for a psychological adaptation is a normal life, there is a belief. And now you can say that I already knew the features of his new place, leverage opportunities. Accustomed, in General. Although as a real observation will tell you one thing: when I’m on some official events, and say: “give the floor to the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly” — inertia perceive it personally, forgetting that I have another officer. Think: “I just made as well?”

— Have you already managed to create a team? To the previous composition of the government, the Legislative Assembly of the region was a large claim by accusing him of underperformance.

— We, the Legislative Assembly has always had a high level of constructive criticality. I think that a significant role in this was played by myself. It was such a view that Krasnoyarsk Krai is a parliamentary Republic. In fact it is far from the truth. But we never engaged in attempts to describe the situation in rainbow colors, though our criticism was not destructive. During the period when I worked in the Legislature, we have reached some sort of mistrust of individual officers, maybe a couple of times. Therefore, I believe that the level of criticality of activities of the Executive before I headed it, was not really high enough to be able to talk about the resignation of the government.

But we now have we’ve seen some significant personnel changes in the region. Perhaps the most significant of recent decades — was replaced by the Chairman of the Legislative Assembly (smiles). Since he hadn’t changed — it’s almost a historical event. In addition, we have radically changed the composition of our city hall. It was replaced by the head of the city and the whole upper echelon of city government. The head of Krasnoyarsk we have now is a dynamic person, Krasnoyarsk forty years that he occupied the position of Minister of transport of the Krasnoyarsk region. And I hope that his arrival will be a positive change.

As for the government, we have changed a number of key Ministers. Including the Minister of economy, Minister of transport, Minister of construction. On a number of posts, new people came from the Executive and from other agencies. So the update is. It is not always connected with some claims to those who occupied these places. But as soon as there are other tasks and, accordingly, other competencies, as a consequence, other people.

In addition, I believe that we should provide another management regime to the government. The government should be an independent body responsible directly to the people and the Governor. On the other hand, we have to add the collective in decision-making regarding the territories. Therefore, it will be restored to regular work of the Governor’s Council — in order to assign tasks to heads of municipalities and ask for their implementation. In addition, we will be regularly running the government Presidium, which will include Vice-premiers, members of our law enforcement agencies, the accounting chamber and the Parliament’s leadership — in order to ensure online acceptance of coordinated decisions. I hope that this approach will allow you to add efficiency in the entire system of government in the territory.

— New year’s eve, you expressed the idea of the Yenisei economic zone. What is this project?

— The promise made by the President that the top priority of the country’s development at this age is a rapid development of Siberia, is absolutely logical and right approach. But Siberia is very big, so must be the priority development areas. And I am sure that more willing the so-called Yenisei Siberia. First of all, I mean, Krasnoyarsk Krai, with its serious investment potential, as well as our neighboring regions — Khakassia and Tuva. Why are we talking about the Yenisei economic zone? First of all, because in previous periods in the development of our country in Soviet times and before that, in the Russian Empire — there was the concept of Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia which was included as part of the Krasnoyarsk territory and which was also part of Tyva. The existence of this area was dictated by life itself, as large enterprises, who worked there, covered the current territory and the Krasnoyarsk territory, Khakassia, and Tuva. Today’s large financial-industrial groups, Champions of our economy, as their plans consider projects that, on the one hand, are very important for the country as a whole. And on the other — have a territorial binding, beyond the Krasnoyarsk region. For example, a “Technology valley” is the development of the manufacturing industries at aluminium smelters in Sayanogorsk and Krasnoyarsk. This requirement is time: we must move from a commodity economy to manufacturing, not in words but in deeds. Again, we need to bring the offices where decisions are made to the main production activity. I am pleased to now assess the plans of the “RUSAL” on the transfer of a significant part of the Moscow management office in Krasnoyarsk.

Another aspect is the construction of the railway Kyzyl—Kuragino. Kyzyl is Tuva, Kuragino, respectively, the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region. This is a great Federal and interregional project.

The third “growth point” for Krasnoyarsk aviation. We are literally in December passed a new modern terminal which will transform the face of the Krasnoyarsk airport. But this is the first step. In plans — creation with “Norilsk Nickel” basic aviation company on the site of the Krasnoyarsk airport. Now not yet fully determined in which organizational form this cooperation will be carried out. Perhaps it will be a joint-stock company or holding, but the territory and for it the value of the aircraft dictate the need for concerted action.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In the immediate vicinity of the airport of Krasnoyarsk, it is planned to create a so-called dry port. The fact that over the territory of region and the city of Krasnoyarsk flies 4.5 million tons of cargo. If 250 thousand tons will be processed in Krasnoyarsk, we will have the opportunity to make the largest logistics and cargo hub, which its potential will be closer to the hubs of international level, the same anchorage.

It is well known that a significant part of the cross-polar tracks runs over Krasnoyarsk. This is the shortest way from North America to Southeast Asia. Therefore we plan the development of this transport hub. These attempts, by the way, were made in 90-e years, and preconditions in order to achieve success was. But, unfortunately, our basic company “KrasAir”, then, is partly subjective, partly for objective reasons — ceased to exist. And now we have to take the best of what was there and move on.

I think people in our country are not forgotten even such a thing as the Lower Angara region, which held such major projects as the Boguchanskaya hydroelectric power station, aluminium factory. Today we stand on the threshold of the second stage of development of the Lower Angara region.

Here are naturally growing interregional projects, not contrived, not hypothetical, just give the basis to speak about the creation of a common Yenisei district as a springboard for the promotion of the Eastern vector of development of the country.

— It is known that Krasnoyarsk is not favourable in environmental terms the area. In one interview you even formulated the essence of the problem — “black sky”. How are going to deal with it?

— It’s not my term. He appeared as an image that is associated with an unfavourable in environmental terms days, which occur periodically in Krasnoyarsk. Mainly in winter, and in calm weather. Not to say that the situation must be dramatic, but there’s a problem.

You know, the environmental issue is so complex that there’s no switch on or off which can radically influence the situation. Today, there are several aspects to this unfortunate situation. First, is the activity of large industrial enterprises. But I must say that companies, unfortunately, becomes less. The so-called leaders on emissions, as SGK Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant, cement plant, really and consistently working to improve the situation, reducing the number of emissions. But come into play other factors: the vehicle, which is connected about a third environmental problem, since the number of private cars constantly grows. Krasnoyarsk Krai belongs to the top three countries by number of cars per thousand inhabitants. Krasnoyarsk is constructed in such a way that we have several parallel streets along the Yenisei — this creates the problem of traffic jams. Hence not the best impact on the environment. In addition, the Krasnoyarsk seriously represented the private sector, including in the Central part of the city. And there is stove heating with coal. And it also makes not the best contribution to the environment.

Accordingly with these components and should be organized. In all these areas we have now is the “road map”. We will successively deal with the problem. This will include the closure of a number of ineffective boiler-houses, there are specific plans for the construction of high-rise pipes, which will increase the area of dispersion that will have a positive impact on the environment in the city. The number of TPP calls for the installation of electrostatic precipitators that reduce air emissions. There are a number of measures for municipal transport. You know what we have in 2019 will host the Universiade, so this year will be purchased new vehicle for transportation, the bus fleet will be updated. That should improve the situation. And we have, as well as throughout the country, there is a program of demolition of dilapidated and emergency housing that affect the private sector. This year we have finally completed around the fourth bridge in Krasnoyarsk. At the Congress he expected massive housing demolition, which also will contribute to environmental improvement.

But I repeat: the miraculous recipe that will instantly improve the situation, no. The most important component of this work, in my opinion, should be open. That people knew that we can do what is already done. And every resident of the region could be implicated in the assessment of this direction.

— Speaking of the Universiade. At the end of last year, you expressed doubts that Krasnoyarsk will have time to prepare for this event. But now the city’s leadership changed. In your opinion, the situation has changed, the city will cope with the training?

— Work on preparation for the Universiade is divided into several components. The first Universiade as a holiday. This complex organizational matter, but I hope that everything will be fine. Especially in Russia it is sharpened: there is considerable experience of the Olympic games in Sochi and Universiade in Kazan. Our colleagues help us with their experience — both positive and not so: tell us how to avoid some things that they had to face during the preparation. It is a collective effort, partly the whole country.

The second part is the construction of sports facilities. We have 34. And like any big business, there are certain difficulties and stress, but today I have no doubt that all the sports facilities will be completed in time. In November of this year, most of them will pass test competitions of different levels — both Russian and international. After the elections we will have three more months to Polish up on sports technology.

And that’s what concerns me — is the main training facility of the Universiade, which is called the city of Krasnoyarsk. Because honestly, attention to this aspect has not been given so much: efforts undertaken are not enough and finances were allocated for it in limited quantities. I think this is wrong. Largely because the Universiade is held in order to improve the city, make it more beautiful and comfortable. To change managerial approaches to motivate people to build a world in which they live.

We have only one summer construction season. This is not enough. Therefore, we focused on three areas of the “main blow”. The first is the arrangement of most species, significant parts of the city: space, landmark points, ranging from the illumination of bridges, boulevards, squares. And I want to thank the management and owners of large financial-industrial groups, which distributed some of these objects and are now ready to propose and design solutions, and to undertake further work.

Next, we need to put in order the so-called Protocol routes in the Central part of the city. To carry out landscaping around the sports facilities.

And the third point is very important: we intend to mobilize the entire population to just the city has removed the excess put in order the rickety fences, painted facades. Not for guests, first of all, for yourself. We need to make every square meter of urban area got the owner, who is responsible for its appearance. Following the audit revealed that at least one third of the urban area is unattended. For the maintenance of order on it no one answers. And this alone distribution and consolidation of the already demanding time. Nevertheless, we are going to do it, because there is a famous wisdom, it seems, English: “In the city only then it will be clear, when everyone will sweep the street at its doorstep”.

And whatever it was, for me, the Universiade is, on the one hand, the culmination of our efforts, and with another — the start of “the great road of a lifetime”. University games needs to shake us up in a good way and give us the opportunity to look at how we live through different eyes.

— There is another reason for the shake-up. But not at the level of Krasnoyarsk and the whole region. I’m talking about the development of domestic tourism in Russia, which is now called. What about this case in the region?

— I love my city, love the Siberian nature. Krasnoyarsk region — the best region in the world, and Krasnoyarsk clock — the fastest, as you know. All we have is good, but as said Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin, “so continue to not live.” But seriously, Krasnoyarsk economy is primarily an economy of industrial type. The main income in the budget we get, alas, not from domestic tourism and from small businesses. And from a dozen large companies, which form half of our more than dvuhsotletnego budget. Not invented the so-called “Dutch disease”: when there are such giants, then everything that requires hard work, including tourism, is on the margins of attention. This situation should be corrected, of course. I say this not for the ritual, it is my inner need — and as one of the regional leaders, and as a citizen and patriot of Krasnoyarsk region, however pathetic it may sound. We have really good possibilities. We have the Yenisei, the great river, “which uncontrollably aspires to the ocean.” It is not less popular “brand” than the Baikal. Once on the Yenisei walked the ship “Anton Chekhov”… it for the year sold out tickets, mostly foreigners. Now the “Czechs” we went to the Volga. And now we have no comfortable ships on the Yenisei at all. The number one task for tourism, in my opinion, is to restore good tourist navigation on the Yenisei. This is a very popular topic.

In Krasnoyarsk region is one of the two points in Russia, where it possible to fly to the North pole — Khatanga. In quantitative terms, it may not be a huge flow of tourists is more of an exclusive thing. But it is “counter-site” — a place where flights to the North pole. I was on pole, and I recommend you to go there. I think many will want to come from around the world. In Krasnoyarsk region there is a magnificent traditional tourism routes — Yeniseisk Orthodox capital of Siberia. In 2019 we will celebrate its 400th anniversary. There is the Krasnoyarsk water reservoir with its length of 350 km, with the picturesque taiga shores… I can enumerate a long time. The potential for tourism there. And the figure of 700 thousand people, who come to us every year, you can at least triple. I think the Universiade, which I hope will be successful, will be a powerful incentive to promote our wonderful region.


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