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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Trump has recorded a hatred of the United States

USA in 2017 has managed to drop its popularity in the world to a historic low, write the American sociologists. To those who never loved this country, adding those who hate trump. But what is most surprising is the rating of Russia, on the contrary, even increased, despite the anti-Russian campaign in the world media. What explains what is happening?

World ranking the United States – that is, the level of approval of American politics people in other countries last year dropped to 30%, which is low in the entire history of research since 2007, said Thursday the American Institute of Gallup (Gallup). At the same time, growing dissatisfaction with the actions of the United States. Last year this figure rose from 28% to 43%.

The previous low approval – 34% – has received the government of George W. Bush in the last year of his reign, in 2008. In 2016, the level of approval of the United States under Barack Obama has risen to 48%.

As notes “Interfax”, such a fall has led to the fact that the level of popularity of China and Germany was higher than the U.S. (31% and 41%, respectively). Fastest hostility to the US grew in Portugal, Belgium, Norway and Canada. In Belarus, Liberia, Macedonia, and Israel and sympathy for this country, on the contrary, increased.

VTSIOM General Director Valery Fyodorov said that the approval rating of the US policy in the world is moving on a sine curve: if the Bush he was by, when Obama was up and now down again.

“Bush acted aggressively and mangled a lot of firewood. Obama led a policy of peace, even in advance gave him the Nobel prize. Urged his compatriots to prepare for “post-American world” more bet on the coalition at the UN on the traditional cooperative institutions, – said the sociologist, adding:

– And it immediately received positive support from around the world who wants to see the US leader, not the world’s policeman”.

“Trump turned all. He wants the rest of the world pay for the security that he sells America to give preference to American goods and services”, – Fedorov said the newspaper VIEW.

According to the sociologist, selfish politics trump has brought down the image of the United States. This, he said, it was clear in advance – during the election campaign. Even then, polls showed that only two countries in the world like him: Israel and Russia.

“Israel in their expectations come true, the United States recognized Jerusalem as its capital, and Russia – no. Everyone else did not expect anything good from trump. It, on the contrary, perceived as a threat rather than an opportunity. Often he behaves sloppy, constantly waving a nuclear bomb, threatening to all. Why in the world he and America along with it – bad image”, – said the sociologist.

Damage to the reputation of the trump deals and political struggle, all his mistakes blown by opponents. “In a sense, inter-the opposition is playing to the opponents of the tramp abroad”, – said Fedorov.

As the findings of Gallup, due to a sharp fall in level of popularity of America is very close to the level of Russia, and our country, oddly enough, added one paragraph in the rankings from 26% to 27%. This is despite massive anti-Russian information campaign, which led all of last year, a good half of the Western press.

Inside Russia, the level of approval of actions of the United States is the lowest among all countries, U.S. policy approve only 8% of respondents. However, the share of approval still increased sharply in 2016, when it does not exceed the statistical error of 2%. As he wrote in a recent OPINION, based on the data of the survey “Levada-center”, the majority of Russians do not approve of the policy of Washington, however not all of them consider the US an enemy. The data of the survey “Levada-center” testify, “mass hatred fueled by propaganda and fear of the West” in Russia – is a fake.

“The first year was not without successes mutually beneficial to the U.S. and its allies, among other things, this defeat of the terrorist group ISIL* in Iraq and Syria, the authors write in the study from Gallup. – However, the sharp drop in the level of approval of US leadership around the world suggests that other aspects of the foreign policy trump and his words have raised doubts about the United States ‘ commitment to its partners and questioned the reliability of the country.”

American sociologists claim that it is too early to talk about was foreign policy trump more a success or a failure, however, “judging by the direction of the world’s judgments about U.S. ties with allies and partners that the administration believes trump’s “great power” are at risk”.

Russia’s reputation has grown thanks to the victory in Syria

Regarding the unexpected growth of Russia’s position in this ranking, the head of VTSIOM said the same trump does not support anti-Russian campaign, is trying to block it.

“If Obama was a party consensus, Republicans and Democrats shouted, “SIC Russia!”, now the elite is split on this issue. One piece spurs the horses and the other part, on the contrary, tries to slow down. Other side of the coin is that Russia has shown its resilience, not giving up, it is strong and effective. Look what happened in Syria. Nobody believed in the victory over terror, but it was done. Did Russia, not the US, not Israel,” – said the sociologist. Why in the world are a robust head that can’t ignore the realities, he recalls.

In your opinion

What kind of relationship with the United States, from your point of view, it is best to have Russia?Allied
The opposition
Other (specify in comments)
Discussion: 216 reviews”But in any case Russia remains a bad image. Don’t we own the world’s media, we ask the agenda. We rather defend, defend, justify. So I would not say “as many as 27%”, and would say “only 27%”, – concluded Valery Fedorov.

Also surprising is the affection, States that sociologists have documented in brotherly Belarus. We will remind, last year the Minsk went to a noticeable rapprochement with Washington and Brussels, a little distanced itself from Moscow, and instead with President Lukashenko, the West has removed the personal sanctions.

But the Belarusian experts believe that a surge of tenderness to the United States was not due to policy actions, and emotions. Minsk political analyst Alexei Zermat associates this phenomenon with the exclusively personality trump. “His demeanor commands respect. He tries to fulfill all his campaign promises and seems to be a strong leader. Here Belarusians can make an analogy with their President, who is also known for his hard line in domestic and foreign policy”, – said Jermont the newspaper VIEW.

Poll on approval of U.S. policy was carried out in 134 countries in the period from March to November. In each country in the survey took part 1 thousand people over the age of 15.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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