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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Vakhtangov theatre is no longer respected writer Polyakova

Leading actors of the Vakhtangov theatre, not seen before in the making of dirty linen in public, suddenly issued an open letter, with a copy sent to the Minister of culture. Touched their incorrect statements of the writer, playwright, Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Yuri Polyakov. The signatories were Vladimir Etush, Evgeny Knyazev, Sergei Makovetsky, Tomycine Olga, Kirill KROK.

Yuri Polyakov. Photo: portal-kultura.ru

The letter begins quite harshly: “Yuri Mikhailovich! The hand does not rise to write “dear”, as is customary, when referring to a person supplying a strange, but persistent hostility to the State academic Vakhtangov theatre and its artistic Director Rimas Tuminas…” Disrespect caused an interview with the writer of one of the Crimean Newspapers, where, in particular, he said, “I Should note that today few theatres that put modern plays. For example, in a glorified State academic Vakhtangov theatre, which was the flagship of the Soviet drama, now there is none. I asked artistic Director Rimas Tuminas: “You’re not interested in modern Russia as a citizen of the European Union? Then why are you working in the Russian theatre?” Offended”.

Judging by the fact that the matter involves famous names, we should expect the development of the plot — a letter has gone to walk on social networks. Meantime, call in the Vakhtangov theatre.

— Why did you decide to write an open letter, but still with a copy to the Ministry? It is great cause to get involved in a public showdown? — ask the theater Director Kirill KROK.

— Maybe we would not have to respond to the attacks of Mr. Poliakov, if his part was not outright lies. What it seems like in the play “Eugene Onegin” Tatiana is not for the place — it is his personal sexual fantasies. The fact that he everywhere inclines to the theatre, we do not pay attention. But when it is a blatant lie, we will not be silent. He accuses us that Vakhtangov puts a contemporary drama, but in the repertory of 53 titles, including 6 performances of modern Russian drama, which is 11% of the total repertoire.

In fact, the attacks of Mr. Poliakov is dictated by the fact that, two years ago when the Vakhtangov theatre was transferred Simonovsky theatre, we have not left the repertoire of the performance on his play “the kid in the milk” because it is of no artistic value for our theatre. I think that the way the Poles brings with theatre bills, dramatically describing the activities and personality of Tuminas.

Here it is necessary to admit that in his remarks, Yuri Polyakov do allow inappropriate tone towards Tuminas, calling it a EU citizen working in the Russian theatre, but not interested in our country. Should I remind you that Rimas Tuminas is a graduate of the Russian theatre school, professing the principles of Russian psychological theater. After 10 years, has turned the Vakhtangov theatre in one of the most successful. Therefore, luminaries and stood up for his artistic Director. Here’s another quote from the letter: “Every theater has the right to choose the interesting dramatic material. It is strange to read that Rimas Tuminas offended by certain Polyakova is only Your imagination that You try to pass off as reality.”

Yury Polyakov declined to comment on the letter, suspecting journalists in cooperation with the management of the theatre. Well, quite in the spirit of a man who divides people into friends and foes, patriots and citizens of the European Union. Even if the latter honestly and honorably serve the Russian culture.

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