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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The author of “Olesya” told, for which he banned his songs

The author of the famous hits “Comrade”, “Olesya” and “Bitter honey,” the coryphaeus of domestic pop music, the composer Oleg Ivanov celebrates. His songs sounded as they say, each iron. And for the records to their records were queues, which would be envied by many modern “stars”.

On his career, the composer told the “MK”.

The conversation took place in the study of the composer, a small, but very cozy.

– When I started writing music, he decided to enroll in the Altai medical Institute – began Oleg Borisovich, sitting near an open piano. – My parents advised me to become a doctor.

In the Institute you have joined my first musical group?

– All six years I was in charge of the student pop band. Almost every day, wrote songs, invented a new composition.

– Then you, like many others, was influenced by the Beatles?

– Of course, we listened to them on x-rays, it was called the music “samizdat”. Although at the time I liked jazz – Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, the Beatles… And at first was not impressed. Later, the pianist Roofing Makeev really introduced them to me. The music of the Beatles became largely determines, also don’t be surprised! songs my grandmother Anna Evlampieva. Batch of author’s and folk songs is largely determined the composing your own handwriting.

– As you wrote first song? What have inspired you?

– It happened spontaneously. Went outside after one of the first lectures. And while I was walking home, in my head sounded the melody. And this tune was mine!

– When did you have your first success?

– The victory song “Comrade” at the national competition. Sang a country of “bread crust” on the very next day. Then I began to sing “Jolly fellows” (“what is love”, “Song, my song”, “You still”), “Gems” sang “Turtledove”, which sounded in the film Shukshin “Stove-shop”.

– As Shukshin react to your music?

In his memoirs mention some of our famous writers – Vasily Makarovich loved to sing the song “Friend”, when he was in a good mood.

– You also worked with a group of “Gems”. They say their leader Malikov immediately liked your song “Bitter honey”? Her destiny decided his wife Lyudmila?

I showed “Bitter honey” Malikov, Kituku Vitaly and Lyudmila. But Yuri F. only puzzly looked at me… All ready to go, I’m depressed. Then Ludmila and ear said to me: “don’t be sad, the song is great!” In the end, “Gems” still it sang. And how! Although, after the first of the essential sound of the radio station “Youth” the song closed on the radio.


– Probably, such lyrics considered too explicit. I think it was the reinsurers. “Melody”, which is more at ease then breathe, released the song “Bitter honey” on a flexible plate. In Novosibirsk in the plate lined up not only in “Melody”, but on the street…

– What are the songs you still had problems?

Unfortunately, banned was the song “Comrade” performed by Aida Vedischeva after the singer emigrated to the United States.

While studying at the Conservatory, you wrote the music for famous bands, and not try to change roles and become a soloist?

– In the summer of 1972 I spent three months, he was a soloist of the ensemble “Good youth”, which recently went to Yuri Antonov. Touring the black sea coast, singing her songs in their composition.

– Why not stay in this incarnation?

He studied at the Conservatoire, worked nights on the ambulance, where, by the way, once even delivered a baby.

– When the era of “Funny guys” and “Gems” for whom you wrote the songs?

– A special page in my life – Belarusians. First of all, the ensemble “Syabry” (“Olesya”, “bench”, “Pechki-Lavochki”, “spring”). Worked with soloists – Lev Leshchenko, Sergey Zakharov, Renat Ibragimov… But since the restructuring, the vocal-instrumental genres were gradually pushed out of the domestic rock and show groups. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the hand of friendship I held out Hope Babkin. A lot of and successfully worked with Mikhail Evdokimov. Before you go to the polls, I have asked for advice. But I knew that for him this issue has been resolved. He wanted me to support it. Shortly before his departure, we talked all night. I want to leave the details of this conversation to myself, but Michael mentioned that it is “overlaid”.

– What are your creative plans?

-22 March, will host a jubilee concert in the State Kremlin Palace. General producer Lev Leshchenko. Will take place a premiere of new songs.

– What are the Prime Minister?

– It can be a small mystery and a pleasant surprise.


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