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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Turkey fired on US allies in Syria: who needs a new war

Turkey announced the beginning of military operations in Syrian towns of Afrin and Manbij. Turkey is going to knock out of the border region Syrian Kurds, which it considers “terrorists”. Meanwhile, the Kurdish militia, supported by the US — Turkey’s allies in NATO, and it has played an important role in the liberation of Syria from the rule of jihadists. However, Ankara is not going to consult about the surgery with Washington as it considers it a “matter of national security”. The attack on the Kurds threatened to exacerbate the already cooled relations between Turkey and the United States and lead to new losses for Syrian civilians.

photo: AP

The Kurdish militia, “people’s protection Units” (OEF) is based on the Syrian territory adjacent to the border with Turkey. Ankara believes that this group is associated with a declared terrorist Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), and thus can also be classified as terrorists. The councils deny the PKK, but we know that they are part of the coalition, “Syrian democratic forces”. It is the Union of the Arab and Kurdish groups supported by the Americans and with their help liberated a large part of Syria from the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — “MK”).

Recently it became known that the United States want to create on the border with Turkey territories in Syria the formation of the 30 thousand people. Half of them will be the soldiers of the Syrian democratic forces, including Kurds from the ONS. Their task will include patrolling the borders to terrorists from the “Islamic state” again is not leaked to Syria.

But whom Ankara considers terrorists, so it is the Kurdish people’s protection Units. That is why the initiative of Washington has caused such a strong reaction of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “The United States recognized that building an army of terror on our borders — he attacked the NATO allies, the leader of the country. We must stifle these efforts before they succeed”. “The name of this army — the army of traitors, continued with Erdogan. This 30-thousand army will direct their weapons at the Americans at the first opportunity”.

Apparently, it was the initiative of the United States pushed the Turkish leadership at the beginning of the operation in ‘ afrīn and Manbij. Anyway, the press Secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalin hastened to declare that it is not directed against the United States. “The Americans initially said that Afrin is not in the scope of their interests. Afrin is a matter of national security of Turkey,” he was quoted by Turkish news Agency Anadolu. — That is the main mechanism influencing the decision-making is the national security of Turkey, not the US or other countries.”

Few people were satisfied with Turkey’s plans for intervention in Syria, least of all the Damascus. The Deputy Minister of defence of the Syrian Arab Republic, Faysal Mekdad said the Turkish planes that cross the border, will stray – and especially Damascus does not allow the presence on its territory by Turkish military forces.

The impression is that the Kurdish issue could embroil the United States and Turkey. However, previously, experts noted that Ankara’s cooperation with Washington through NATO is too important that can break the relationship. Otherwise, it will remain strong allies in the region, because relations with Russia too often experience UPS and downs, so rely on them in the long run.


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