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Friday, February 16, 2018

Secret techniques Russian attack aircraft: “Leads a strange plate”

To get close to the enemy under heavy fire and destroy it fortified firing positions in the ruins of the city — a task that under the force of special military units and engineering battalions of the assault and obstacle clearing. On the eve of their professional holiday — Day of engineering troops, which is celebrated on 21 January, — our correspondent has visited on doctrines of stormtroopers.

photo: Grigory Milenin

…And then Abdullah understood that he no longer wants to be a terrorist — in the black smoke he could see three silhouettes that resembled human, but more like robots. Not paying attention to the grenade explosions, they are jerks approached the building where entrenched bandits, and from behind them at the walls and Windows thrashed automatic gun of the APC.

To eliminate the gang, entrenched in the ruins of the old factory, instructed the fighters, assault engineers units. As much as she could the situation, a group of stormtroopers moved down the street for armored vehicles, but the combat machine is stopped. Ahead across the road is a chain of anti-tank hedgehogs and stretched the spiral of the barbed wire. Then do not drive.

photo: Grigory Milenin

It is necessary to make passage in “the thorn”. At the command the soldiers opened fire on the enemy automatic weapons, the shooter of the APC bursts of hammering in the window openings a shrapnel shells from a 30‑mm turret gun. In the meantime, two attack aircraft rushed to the spiral, one hand lever cutters. Biting the wire, he otological spiral to the side aisle ready. Now the hardest part to overcome Jerzy and break through to the building. The APC covers the building with the terrorists next wave of fire, and the stormtroopers down a long ladder cross hedgehogs and hide behind the debris, diverting the attention of enemy gunners.

Meanwhile, from the corner, a second group of the attackers. While the first group distracted the enemy, they secretly went around the lair of the bandits from the rear. One of the men sneaks up to the window opening and throws back a large charge of TNT. The stormtroopers hide behind the corner… Bang! There is silence, but the next moment both the assault team into the building and destroy the survivors of the bandits.

photo: Grigory Milenin

Such doctrine we hold about once a week — said the commander of the 1st guard Brest-Berlin red banner orders of Suvorov and Kutuzov engineer-sapper brigade guards Colonel Kamil of Salimkhanov.

However, exercises not completed. To replace the stormtroopers come their fellow engineers, who must inspect and demine the area. Go ahead soldiers with mine detectors imps‑2, which can be detected by anti-tank and anti-personnel mines in a metal casing to a depth of half a meter, and portable searchers wire lines PEOPLE. These things are detected the cables explosive devices. The seeker can “see” in the ground wire at a depth of 30 centimetres at a distance of four meters from any end. And one fighter instead of the detector holds in his hand a strange-looking plate and drives it from side to side. This nonlinear locator the INVA‑3M “Kite”. He’s not looking for wires and metal, then the task is more difficult. “Kite” is designed for remote detection of mines and other explosive devices with detonators on the basis of microprocessors and electronic components. Suddenly the soldier stopped and raised his hand up and the device is fixed just such a device. Everyone stood well back. Now it takes a cynologist with a dog. Shepherd, running at the place where triggered “Kite”, suddenly sits down on the edge of the road. So there is — in the land of the hidden mine. Later it will destroy overhead charge, and while minesweeper denotes a dangerous place red flag.

photo: Grigory Milenin

The hallmark of engineering assault units is their combat gear set IAD‑3SH, which consists of a special protective suit, flak jacket and helmet, equipped with bullet-proof or ballistic visor made of transparent plastic. Overall the kit offers the soldier a sixth class of protection. The suit protects the attack in the area of hands and feet from splinters, cuts and burns, to protect the knees, elbows and shoulders apply additional pads of amidnogo fiber. They are able to protect joints from pistol bullets caliber 9 mm. Chest and back are closed special composite plates, which consist of armored steel, durable polyethylene and ceramics. They are able to stop a 7.62 mm bullet. The same plate covers groin area. The protective properties of this set, however, not in assault, and sapper arrangement, manifested itself in the course of demining operations on the territory of Syria, said the “MK” Colonel Salimkhanov.

One of the sappers, dressed in a set of mine, OVR‑3, received a severe wound, which resulted in a broken leg bone. He is now in hospital undergoing treatment, the doctors saved his limb. According to doctors, without a costume — the foot-soldier would have lost.

photo: Grigory Milenin

In recent years, engineering and assault units received new equipment. At the time of its inception in late 2014, their military chariots were armored personnel carriers BTR‑82A, today’s fleet of attack aircraft had added to the modular cars of higher protection “Typhoon” and armored vehicles “Tiger”. It is expected and the extension of the range of the storm troopers corps of engineers, said the brigade commander of Zalimhanov:

— In the future those units will be reinforced with a flamethrower. And soon we need to get robots that will be used during the assault.

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