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Friday, February 16, 2018

Scientists double your salary by transferring them part-time

The protests of the scientific employees of academic institutions who do not agree with the new funding rules imposed upon them by the Ministry of education and FANO, continue. After mathematicians from the Steklov mathematical Institute, who spoke on Wednesday, January 17, with a statement of disagreement with the terms of the state assignment for the year 2018 that require scientists to double discovery, the protest was resolved and the chemists. “MK” asked a group of researchers from Institute of synthetic polymeric materials to them. N. With. Enikolopov ran (synthetic polymer materials of RAS) and spoke about the outrageous humiliation of scientists, namely that the entire staff of the Institute, consisting of several dozen people, literally forced to write application for transfer part-time. Thus, according to the researchers, FANO addresses the problem of doubling the salaries of academic staff in the execution of the may decrees of the President.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In 1987, a senior researcher of Institute of synthetic polymer materials of RAS, candidate of chemical Sciences Alla Gelman received the state prize for the creation of a thermal-control coating for space station “Mir”, and later she created a unique technology that reduces friction for defense and even could not think that the day will come when such important for the country area of science like chemistry, will be in such a disadvantaged position.

Gelman gets in the hands of 21 thousand rubles. Last year it was considered a full bet. With the new year, not to increase the amount, but technically double it, FANO put the scientists of the Institute before the fact: all employees should write the application for transfer to part-time. So Alla Borisovna and her colleagues formally doubled the salary is not adding a penny.

– I don’t care much for him personally, says Gelman, is now my pension as laureate of the state prize, would exceed my salary if I left the Institute. I feel sorry for our team – young, talented guys who came in chemistry by vocation and is now faced with lawlessness. And this situation with the translation part-time is now observed almost everywhere.

Information about the transfer of all employees of the Institute of synthetic polymer materials RAS, part-time is confirmed by the head of the laboratory of chemistry of solid-phase processes Alexander zelenetsk. According to him, the whole Institute of mass told me to write such statements under the threat that FANO would not otherwise pay money. Recall that FANO had been sent to all institutions state orders about doubling the base rate only, subject to the doubling of labor productivity, which, according to Zelenetskogo, are impossible to fulfill.

They do not understand that scientists do not sculpt the article: it works. We can’t take on a commitment to double the output of scientific articles, just because they doubled our salaries, says zelenetsk. – In the end we put before the fact: “do you double — go part-time”. Now we will pay the same full rate as a doubling.

This means that the Institute refused to double the number of jobs?

– And how can you promise to tell me?. I can’t promise to make the discovery of a new star in the next quarter. FANO apparently does not understand this, requires 1.5 articles per person per year. And we have 0,7… I always cite the example of Mr. Nicholas Semenov, my teacher, the Soviet Nobel laureate. He had a total of 18 publications at the time of receiving the Nobel prize and Einstein and less. Correct to say our colleagues in mathematics — it is not about the quantity but about the quality of scientific work.

Review of Deputy Chairman of trade Union of the RAS Evgeny Onishchenko:

– The Finance Ministry decided to standardize the science by the example of all other services for allocation money. The money allocated under the state assignment, it’s certain hours, reporting. It turns out that if Moscow has more money than in the region, and the yield should be more – in terms of a bureaucratic logic. Statements are accepted in the form of publications in scientific journals, without much regard to the opinion of experts. Unfortunately, this bureaucratic reality — the Ministry of Finance so easier to count. The current system is inadequate: it is assumed that the funds of the state assignment the Institute should perform a certain amount of work, but really enough for the salaries of the employees, officers allowances and partly on the utilities and taxes do not always. Therefore, due to the state assignment in the pilot institutions, where all the other expenses, money is needed to update equipment and consumables, scientific work is simply impossible. Turns out pure fiction. Encourage people to write more articles, but of lower quality.

– What do you offer in return?

– To divide the state assignment in two parts. First let it be basic, not tied to any scientific subject, which is given to the institution for salaries, utilities and taxes. The second part is the funds that the government provides based on competition, differentiated depending on the success of the institutions.


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