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Friday, February 16, 2018

Illusory and dangerous trend: Russia want to select a nuclear shield

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a meeting of the UN Security Council on the subject of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction announced to the world that Russia will not support initiated in several countries, the Treaty banning nuclear weapons. “MK” understood why.

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“Russia does not intend to accede to the NPT by (Treaty to ban nuclear weapons “MK”). We believe that the complete elimination of nuclear weapons is only possible in the context of General and complete disarmament under conditions of equal and indivisible security for all, including for holders of nuclear weapons,” – said the Minister.

A skilled diplomat, Lavrov did not mince words, calling the new at first glance, the peace initiative “illusory and dangerous trend”. According to the chief Russian diplomat in the Treaty “ignores the necessity of considering all factors affecting today’s strategic stability”.

“It (the Agreement – “MK”) also provoked deep divisions among members of the international community and can have a destabilizing effect on the nonproliferation regime,” he said bluntly one of the most respected Russian Ministers.

In reducing the threat of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction Sergey Lavrov called the other, much more pressing problem. One of them is to provide a moratorium on any nuclear explosions in the framework of the Treaty on comprehensive ban of nuclear tests. Foreign Minister urged to complete the signing and ratification of the Treaty. Another important direction is the implementation of the Joint comprehensive plan of action to resolve the situation around the Iranian nuclear program. The United States threatened to withdraw from the transaction. On it Sergey Lavrov said that “it is impossible in the current political situation of individual countries to abandon the real achievements of multilateral diplomacy”. Remains unresolved, and the North Korean nuclear issue. As the problem of emergence of chemical weapons by terrorists. In all these vital matters, Russia is definitely ready to participate.

Our country, the Minister said, is not opposed to the prospect of building a nuclear-free world. However, to achieve this goal should not unilaterally those who profess the initiators of the NPT by.

Russian military experts share the point of view of the foreign Minister. As told “MK” the ex-chief of staff of the strategic missile forces, Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, Russian nuclear weapons is primarily an effective tool of deterrence.

By and large, nuclear weapons are designed not for use but for deterrence. And with this role for many decades to cope quite well, – said Viktor Esin.

According to him, since the end of world war II in 1945, no world war was not. All military conflicts was local, not planetary.

“To get rid of nuclear weapons, it is necessary to create an international system based largely on different principles and security institutions, than those that exist today. And until that happens, mankind is doomed to live with nuclear weapons in the world,” said Esin.

To any unbiased military expert it is clear that Russia will not be able to pursue an independent policy in the world, having lost missile shield, which for the last 70 years protects our country from any potential aggressors.

What other tools can accomplish this task in the current financial and economic balance of forces of Russia and the United States? Donald trump, who succeeded to the post of US President and Nobel peace prize winner Barack Obama easily exceeded the world’s largest military budget to $700 billion a year. Russia’s defense budget for 2018 – $46 billion, almost 15 times less than the United States. Our military spending is less than spending of the United Europe and China. And how do you want to provide the defense with the financial possibilities? To tighten the belt and save on everything for the defense, too few people want. We all it already passed in the Soviet years. Drained the economy, reduced the standard of living and brought the country to restructuring. Need a script? It is clear that not. Better protect against threats of relatively inexpensive nuclear shield than without measure to rivet tanks, missiles, planes, ships.

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