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Friday, April 20, 2018

Bulk was an “agent of the Kremlin”: miracles of sociology

The worst had happened. It happened almost impossible. “The mind, honor and conscience” of the current Russian liberal opposition Alexei Navalny went into the service of the “bloody Putin regime”. Just a few days ago, Navalny in his signature “perfectly correct” style and drove over close to the Russian state sociological services, stating that “the polls just draws figures without conducting any polls”, and FOM “holds very bad polls, and then falsifying their results.”

And what do we see in the results “honest poll” conducted by the Foundation for the Bulk?

photo: social networks

We can see the percentage of popular support of Putin, which is higher than the Polls!

“Drawing numbers” out “of the court of the Kremlin of the sociological service” VTSIOM on the results of the last poll were promised GDP election result at 73.2%. But “knights without fear and reproach” of the sociological service of the Bulk is much more generous and favorable to Vladimir Putin. They are predicting Putin’s result in 78% of the vote.

Hitch turns out, Alexei! Either you should now recognize that together with VTsIOM and FOM feed from the same “Kremlin trough” and in this close campaign “draw the numbers”. Either you have to do even less pleasant recognition that your accusations against the above-mentioned social services were not fully justified.

Don’t want to apologize, Alexei? Don’t worry, I offered it to you didn’t mean it. Everyone knows that a thousand times deserved an apology for blatant rudeness is not your method. So let’s better I have to apologize to you. After all, to apologize to me, too. I admit, I got excited, could not resist the temptation – in a journalistic impulse, banter’s sake, falsely accused you of working for Putin. I confess before all honest Russian people: Navalny Putin is not working. Even publicly declaring “ nenarisovannoy” ranking of GDP to 78% of the Bulk is still working only for themselves.

As is well known to every self-respecting strategist, the most important is not the result itself. The main thing is the interpretation of the results. Here is the desired interpretation of Putin’s 78% according to Alexey Navalny: “do you Remember the famous meeting, which was the leak that the President’s administration has set a goal of 70 to 70: 70% attendance and at least 70% for Putin?

Moving to this result, they got, spent, and sociology and found some candidates, you need to put on an election or to persuade to go to the polls, that Putin got the result of over 70%. Perfectly worked. They suspended me – a candidate who led a real campaign. And all the rest and gave them such a wonderful result.”

Catch suggests that our fiery “tribune of the people”? That if the opposition candidate was himself, then Mr Putin would dejectedly trudged in the tail of the ranking, together with such “prospective” participants of the elections as Boris Titov, and the first place in the list of people’s preferences would be acknowledged favorite of the Russian population Alexei Navalny. Of course, I’m exaggerating again. But the General thinking of the Bulk – or, rather, those thoughts that he wants to put into the heads of citizens of the Russian Federation – I with probability 100% passing is absolutely true. Alexei Navalny continues to sing the same tune: trying to deprive the upcoming presidential elections legitimacy and uses, for these purposes, the thesis of “nenarisovannoy” high rating of Putin.

Cleverly? Is not the word! Hats off! But the main idea of this text is not that Bulk is a very clever politician and political manipulator. This is news not even yesterday, and pozabotivshihsya day. And that’s what I think the news of today. Depriving critical towards the Kremlin sociological Levada-center to publish the results of their polls during the election period, the government de facto shot yourself in the foot. Shot in the leg – and played on the Bulk, allowed him to break into “social clearing”.

Sociological service Fund Navalny has been around for several years. But much sooner sounded its research results? No, not much – despite all the skill of Alexei Medvedev to spin in the mass consciousness of their “information products”.

Sociological service Fund the Bulk consistently lose in the competitive struggle for public attention. Polyana was posted – very respected in the political circles of the Russian sociological Levada center. I am a very great trust and reverence for the leaders of the two close to the power of sociological services – Valery Fedorov and Alexander Oslon. But I always compared the results of their surveys with the results of similar polls by the Levada center. And when all three of the “political barometer” was frozen under approximately the same values, I felt a sense of satisfaction: here it is, x-ray”of the current Russian climate!

But now the opportunity to experience the feeling of satisfaction I have. The Levada center was recently recognized as a “foreign agent” and, among other things, lost the right to publish the results of the ratings of the presidential candidates pre-election period. Big Russian sociological Troika at the moment, in fact turned into two.

But deuce doesn’t pull! Losing one of the bearing elements of designs and the Russian sociological system lost stability. A vacuum – a vacuum that tends to fill an ambitious, but not necessarily a credible newcomer in the form of sociological service of the Fund Navalny. I don’t think, looking at this result of their labors, the Russian government needs to experience the fun. Country from such a result won’t win.

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