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Friday, February 23, 2018

Anthropologists found out what he paid the man behind the transition to agriculture

Hunting and gathering are the earliest and for a long time the only way that would allow a person to get food. However, later people started to develop agriculture and animal husbandry, and that not without reason is considered to be one of the first “leaps of progress” in the history of mankind. However, Dutch experts from the University of Nijmengen found an unexpected area in which hunters farmers are superior — they are more familiar with the smell.

photo: pixabay.com

According to experts, has previously been observed that in many languages there are not too many words to describe smells people often have to resort to using the comparison for lack of a precise definition.

To understand whether this is due to a certain way of life, the experts compared the two Malaysian tribe, the members of whom one was engaged in hunting and gathering, and the second with agriculture. As a whole, they spoke in languages, in General very similar to each other.

As it turned out, farmers are much more often not had names for some of the smell and designated it with “smells like something”. The colors, however, they can describe better than a nomadic tribe of hunters.

While the two tribes were of different signs relating to smells — for example, hunters were considered extremely indecent if siblings were close to each other and their scents mingled. At the same time, members of the sedentary tribe, unlike the nomads, were afraid to say out loud the names of the smells in the woods.

The study was published in the journal Current Biology.

The specialists conducted another similar study, which concluded that the representatives of the tribes, engaged in hunting, understand the smells better urban residents.

Rather it is well known that the sense of smell in humans developed as much as in many animals. It is assumed that the vision, and plays a key role for all living beings, the waking day is especially important because it allows to obtain the most detailed information about the environment.

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